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Дерев'яні вікна. особливостіThose who build wooden house at the design stage did not even think about what is best: wooden box or plastic? The seller and manufacturer of each of these windows will in 1000 arguments "for" and "against". Modern windows are different from each other not only material production but also some structural features. The reliability of these estimated compared with each other, it all depends on the quality of materials and products, from which security technologies used in production. In terms of design and aesthetics in the last time these two types of windows are virtually identical. It has long been available windows, decorated with wood to any invoice. The use of glass - a standard for both types of windows.

What you should know about the features of wooden windows since we wanted to buy a wooden box?

In this article we will discuss some properties of the wood windows (eurowindows).

Wood - a natural material. We will not quote the silly phrases that wood windows are made from specially grown for the trees. Unfortunately, this information is found in the pages of the Internet. Just demand for raw materials, which is used for the production - is high. During handling and preparation of timber for subsequent assembly of the window timber is impregnated with a special compound to prevent premature aging of the wood. Use modern technology to protect wood windows provide a lifetime of 50 years with proper care for them. Wood is considered the best insulator. The low level of thermal conductivity eliminates the occurrence of thermal bridges in the window frames, so that no condensation.

Конструкція дерев'яних вікон. ФотоIn fairness, dispel the myth that wood "breathes" the air in the house of this will be fresh. Covered with protective compounds a window painted with modern paints and varnishes is not breathable as well as plastic! Why deceive people by promising them oxygen exchange in the room? These issues are regulated by the wooden windows of modern systems of opening and bias window sashes. But because wood can change its moisture - this property and call in a figurative sense, to "breathe." Periodic use of special emulsions and lapis lazuli, which at the capillary level, skipping the air and retain water, increase the natural protective properties of wood.
Modern design and advanced eurowindows provide a high level of noise isolation despite the fact that the tree is a good conductor of sound. The use of special seals to the wooden profile will rain a passing car and reach for your wooden house. The value of sound insulation by 70% depending on the structure of glass and sealant used. In modern wooden constructions used two-compartment or three-chamber windows. It was he who most affect the sound insulation.

Wooden boxes are used by mankind since time immemorial and zaschischalis from the fire. But the protective compounds used for fire protection and process windows are relatively recent. The fire wood is a long time, retains its strength and does not melt like plastic. A window in which the structural beams treated with flame retardants can keep fire from spreading to one hour.

Вікна в дерев'яному будинку. ФотоThe use of modern structures, systems of protection from water and sunlight, high-quality processing of wooden windows provide durability. Wooden windows can withstand temperature changes from -50 to +50 degrees. The use of modern water-based paints will give your windows any color you want, keep the form of timber structure. To extend the life of the windows used to paint with UV filters. They do not burn and protect the structure from destruction under the action of sunlight.

With some reservations, for example, that the supplies of wooden windows is the same as fittings for plastic windows. Using special cornices, sills and decorative plates leads to the fact that wood windows are no alternative solution for building a wooden house. On the installation of windows, see the article Installing windows in the wooden house. Wooden windows for your home or for giving demonstrate a high social status and welfare of the homeowner, the harmonious union with nature.

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