Design wooden house. Stone.

Акриловый камень в дизайне. Фото.For what we are building a wooden house? Of course, for the great design, the spirit of antiquity, and for the sake of freshness, which is filled with a wooden house. However, to observe the full line of designer old - not so easy. Go to the house of this type are some restrictions that affect the appearance of the house from a bar. In all our articles, we devoted to the design of a wooden house, we looked at the selection of the interior, she designs, so that they seamlessly fit into the framework. This furniture, and door and window designs, even the door locks wooden house. Nothing should break the old style, and both must be reliable and practical.

Акриловый камень в дизайне. Фото.Since ancient times, a list of building materials limited only to iron, stone and wood. It left its mark on the formation of a certain flavor of wooden construction. And now, a stone, timber and wrought iron metal are the main three-building materials that supplement each other. The stone supports for the pillars, stone fences to wooden fences, stone walls finish pools, paving stone floors in wooden pavilions - all in the spirit of antiquity and the Middle Ages, when the log-house - were the main architectural design in construction.
The modern design of only a few altered the original structure, made ​​them the new technology of materials. One of the brightest representatives of the decor is an artificial stone. There are several technologies of production. One of the newest - manufacture of artificial stone, based on acrylic. He is called "acrylic stone."

Акриловый камень в дизайне. Столешница. Фото.Table tops, window sills, decorative elements kitchens, bathrooms, toilets - a short list of points of application of this product. The composition of acrylic stone contains components that inhibit the development of fungi, mold, formation of microcracks. Thanks to water-repellent properties of the material, he most often finds use in the construction of buildings with high humidity and where there is direct contact with water. Kitchen, bathroom and acquire sophisticated look at finishing with artificial stone. Of course, it is worth noting this characteristic tons of acrylic stone as easy. Unlike natural stone - this figure exceeds all expectations. To make delivery to the construction site of "stone" items - do not need a truck to transport the rocks!

This type of decorative finishes made in the form of plates. In the process of making decorative elements it can be given any shape, which makes this material very popular. Sills of acrylic stone slabs are characterized by their 100% stone medieval look and warmth to the touch. They are worthy rivals of marble and granite products.

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