Set collapsible timber house. Building your own hands

Монтаж деревянного дома своими силами. ФотоOn our site, we talk a lot of wooden houses. This category refers to the building of prefabricated houses. Panel frame, the house from a bar, a deck of logs - all of them can be built over the last month of age or less. It all depends on the method of preparation of the structure. Of course, one month - it is only the time needed to build houses on the site of the customer. It is preceded by a lot of work on designing structures, the creation element specifications houses from glued profiled beam.
If the customer has scheduled an internal wiring in the walls of a wooden house, then a considerable amount of work necessary to transfer to wiring in the element base. made under this scheme mounting hole technology must match exactly between the different elements of construction. Otherwise, mount the wiring in the walls would be impossible, and the details of the timber will be rejected. All these operations are performed at the factory. This reduces installation time on site. House of the assembly is growing by leaps and bounds.

brus2It is difficult to find a customer who had not brought their own individual touches to anyone, even the best design of the house. Therefore, each mounting design, each episode at home from a bar, every detail of the set - are unique. This factor allows to state that we can make any build kit houses from glued beams! For any customer and any configuration!

Ready Set collapsible house? What is it? What do you mean your own hands? Many are investing in this issue are different concepts. For someone - it's easy, and someone has no idea what it means to a person without special knowledge to collect house. Of course, from the beginning to the end of the house can collect only the builder. It should be remembered that 80% of labor costs in the construction of houses from glued beams is the work of "go up, bring, put." It is from these operations is the work of assembling collapsible house, if you use ready-made kit. All the elements are numbered in three places. Laying wreaths on the map indicated by the numbers (rows) to the layers. Wrong - nearly impossible. High precision manufacturing of parts will not allow you to assemble the house properly. The most important stage assembly of the house are:

Laying the first row of timber;
installation of ceiling beams;
installation of trusses - roof frame of the future.
In such cases, we strongly recommend that when performing these operations present an experienced builder. Схема забивания нагелей в стену из клееного бруса. ФотоIn such cases, we strongly recommend that when performing these operations present an experienced builder. The scheme of driving dowel into the wall of laminated veneer lumber. FotoImenno they determine the correct assembly of the assembly of the parts kit. Periodically check the verticality of the walls - the only requirement to work on the assembly frame (box), a wooden house. Due to the fact that technological holes for concealed wiring done at the factory, we can only stretch hose inside of the openings to the sites of future switches and sockets.
Work on installation of the house with his hands not only requires physical strength, but also accuracy. Accidental fall of timber may be destroyed in the area of ​​the castle and mezhventsevogo crack. The delivery kit of parts provided, and this force majeure case - in the main parts list includes a few additional profiled glued timber of medium length. Their presence makes it possible to produce on-site construction of the replacement of damaged parts.

The presence of the package is useless without the installation scheme. The so-called sweep of walls can clearly put walls of the house, even without special training. Enough to have the most basic skills and intuition. From the necessary tools will need an ax or a hammer for driving wooden dowel and a drill with a drill large diameter holes for the finalization of the socket. Although this is not only necessary, if you hire a construction crew at work. The average time to build a log house and the roof construction crew of 4 persons home area of ​​120 sq.m. (2 floors) is 15 days. Note that in this case you do not have at the site of debris, and that savings in land improvement, etc.
If you are simply not morally ready to build a wooden house with his own hands - hire a team of professional workers. In the near future we will publish some video instructions on how to gather wood house with his hands glued profiled beam.
Is it possible to build such a house of round logs or raw lumber profiled? Is it possible to produce a set of round the deck? Read about it later on our site, "Wooden Houses".

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