The plan of building a house

План будівництва приватного будинку. ФотоWeighing all the "pros" and "against", you decide to build a wooden house somewhere in France, Italy or Greece. This is not new for us. Especially since self-assembly kits for homes best suited for this. Small construction time allow you to hire workers with "historical homeland" to significantly reduce the cost for the construction of the house. Do you have a plan? Of course there is - you say and show two sheets of paper with the name of the first floor, second floor. But is not that we had in mind.

In addition to architectural and building plan (project) you need and the plan of the building. Many small, unpleasant to learn and much-needed moments - administrative issues and resolution. Need to consider everything to stop the construction on the middle of the road. What do I need to take into account?

A. Confirm that the land allowed the construction of your building. It may be a residential house and commercial real estate. Parcels of land may be allocated a business, private house, under the tourism, agricultural land, nature reserves. This issue should be solved first in the list of all the subsequent ones. This fact should be shown in the act of ownership of land or lease it. In some countries there are rules for building land. In this case, the floor area shall not exceed a certain percentage of land area. For proper design and construction requires binding to the beacons and boundaries of the site. These parameters can be determined by the construction of border zone area - urban or suburban line construction. Already at the design stage is necessary to consider such a moment in the plan.Бізнес-план


2. To approve the draft at the main architect of the city or in the relevant commission. By the way, while there is a check by confirming the legitimacy of the architect's licenses and permits to engage in such activities. These requirements are the same for all countries where we export our wooden houses. Approval of engineering services to the project data are made to local services.
3. In some countries there is a tax for the construction or pay for permission to carry out construction work. Do not forget to find out the price in advance of the administrative costs. In most cases, the authorization will not happen without coordination of utilities.
4. After payment of taxes you need to notify local authorities about the beginning of construction. Be prepared that the construction will welcome you on the Commission on Urban Development inspector or emigration officer to verify the legitimacy of the labor force. For example, in France, the building area of ​​less than 40 m2 resolution requires little or no coordination. Therefore, there is such a popular summer cottages and small suburban chalets. A proven way to start of construction is hiring employees for work or a company with a building license. For example, in Cyprus - it is a mandatory requirement for the successful commissioning.
Five. Like us, after construction and testing, with no deviation from our result of construction of the project is registered in the cadastral division of the architectural supervision or inspection, or town planning commission. The result of registration - the passport to the building.
6. If the object of construction - commercial real estate, local authorities may require you to "help the city", ie make some money in the local budget for infrastructure development. There are various ways to call these financial costs. And who said it would be easy?
7. Of course, in different countries, these sums have different meanings. And unless we are afraid? The most elite real estate in Europe belongs to the businessmen of Slavic origin! Moreover, in recent years the cost of square meter of housing in Moscow and Kiev have long been a leader in real estate listings.

How could we forget? In order to expeditiously resolve all administrative issues - there are companies that specialize in such matters.
The main thing - do not forget to include all the nuances in the construction plan.

Бізнес-план будівництва  будинку. ФотоOnly then the customer will understand why buying a home in our company and build it yourself or construction firm, the cost of square meter of housing is obtained in 2-3 times higher than the cost of the house and payment of work the workers who built it. But we have not considered yet percent of the bank, which will certainly obtained if building a house on credit. And if to attract investment, then there can not do without a business plan construction.

So, if you have a plan?

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