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Decking. Terrace. photoWe do not make a mistake if we assert that not a single developer, who would not want to have a terrace near the house. No one wants to restrict his home by four walls. The house at the same time acquires the features of the box. It is not suitable for wooden house from a bar.
When the terrace of the house is being built on a concrete base will not be considered. In this case - it's simple.
But it is more natural when the floors are covered with terraces of the board. Of course, it is exposed to adverse environmental factors. How to be in this case? How to prolong the life of this beautiful cover? Due to the natural properties of wood, it is widely used not only to build houses and furniture, but also for the construction of terraces and other garden structures. Anti-slip decking, deck boardThe location on the street, under the influence of temperature and humidity, the sun and the cold - it all affects the wood. In order to prevent wetting of wood, carried it waterproof from the soil, concrete and stone. But more sodeystuet durability of wood in the open air - is the creation of channels and holes for ventilation of the device shelter from rain and sun. In our articles we wrote about the need to protect products from wood preservatives and flame retardants.
However, these measures are not only confined in the device open terraces. The main question is this: choose the right raw materials and handle it properly and prepare for the construction of structures in the open.
What kind of wood you choose? The property of wood to resist decay depends not only on the means of processing, but also on its way to drying. When drying wood in special ovens - autoclaves, it is gaining the special characteristics and durability. This is due to processes that occur at the capillary level.
Wood to build decks for a permanent stay in the water and paving selected for special requirements. Terraces were born in Europe from tropical regions, so naturally, that wood can come from tropical countries.
Тераса, настил, палуба, терасна дошка, декінгFor the device of garden decks, terraces, open poloschadok, decks use these types of wood:
1. Exotic wood species (hoists, teak, iroko, Paducah, Kumar), essential oils contained in the attached exotic tree species wood antiseptic effect;
2. specially treated with conventional timber tree species (pine, larch, Canadian cedar and other high in natural resins).
Deck boards are usually smooth, but the surface quality decking boards should be grooved - this prevents slipping and increases the material resistance to weathering. On the surface, a groove boards are made that do not allow rainwater to stay.
Be sure - wood is impregnated with antiseptics, oils, or melted wax, which protects the board from rotting
Larch has a special place, not least because that city of Venice is built on stilts made from this tree. Larch, oak tree in water as it becomes stronger. If the process of its antiseptic, it will compete with exotic species.
The wood of the above trees for many years retains its properties.
Features timber garden determine its value. Square meter of the terraced coating is 3-5 times more expensive than traditional materials.
A special heat treatment at high temperature leads to a decrease in humidity, which is reduced by 80-90%, and the structure becomes denser. This eliminates the very environment in which bacteria can spread.
In the absence of heat treatment is performed in an autoclave impregnation of wood - wood impregnation of protective compounds and paints. If you evacuated the air in a special timber cells treated with antiseptics. At the same time under pressure impregnation penetrates deep into the deck boards (decking). Such treatment in vacuum leads to the creation of a homogeneous layer of impregnated wood throughout.

Composite Decking made from polymers. photoThe last word in technology manufacturing decking (second name - decking) is to use a special material made ​​of wood and PVC dispersion. The share of wood dispersion ranges from 50 to 80%, which creates a kind of finished products in the wood structure. This material, unlike real wood - much cheaper, although it resembles plastic. Its main advantages are the use of:
- High resistance to UV rays,
- There is no linear deformation at varying temperatures,
- Virtually no decay and prevents mold and mildew
- Does not require maintenance
Usually in our projects, we use the terrace, which lie on the hard concrete foundations or supporting pillars that serve as the foundation.
As we said in the beginning, there is a feature of the installation of deck boards - the gap between the boards of up to 5 mm. This is the way to ventilate the floor and to provide water runoff.
Some natural properties of wood - a review.

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