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Монтаж каркасу каміну. ФотоінструкціяThe article Installing a fireplace heat chamber we gave an overview of the appointment of the heating chamber and principles of construction. In this paper we detail the steps of mounting the fireplace cladding. The photo you see unusual performance of installation, when the walls of the fireplace hearth in the heating zone is not insulated foil wool. The walls are made of refractory bricks for them to play the role of heat accumulators.



Металевий профіль каміна . Фото
Installation of a fireplace heat chamber is made of metal profile that is used for making plaster designs. IMPORTANT! For mounting to a wall is better to use metal dowels without plastic to prevent them from melting. Between the frame and the rear wall should be at least 10 cm of space for free convection of hot air.
2kamin At the foundation of the fireplace firebox mounted two metal corners for supporting the front wall of the furnace. Fireplace insert is provided with the back of the legs, which will be installed on a concrete foundation. The front of the furnace is not equipped with legs, so the support furnaces are cut and pasted into the concrete, metal corners. On top corners of the support furnaces lined with foil tape to reduce their heating.
Mats of wool foil inserted in the grooves of the profile, which have a thickness of 3 cm or attached to the metal profile sheet of fireproof drywall. To him heat-resistant adhesive foil glued slab of basalt wool. To be safe (not required) through the wool you can tie a few screws for drywall

The next step is the derivation of the chimney flue. Due to the fact that the metal when heated has the ability to change the geometrical dimensions, be between the walls of brick and pipe lay the remains of pieces of basalt wool, and make the gap with glue. On the chimney revision knee should be positioned so that it appeared on my door the other side of the camera, which will be mounted ventilation grille.


After fitting, ensure stability of the structure and begin to install the furnace. To do so is necessary to use a water level. Furnace door can be tilted to the side walls are not more than 1-2 degrees. This is done to prevent unauthorized opening of the firebox door. It was after this operation, we recommend a trial kindling wood in the firebox to make sure that the thrust corresponds to the rate and furnace installed correctly. You should check the furnace is not leakage of flue gases and the correct operation of air dampers fresh air in the combustion zone


Making sure that the combustion takes place according to the instructions, you can start laying the walls of the fireplace chamber. To make the desired shape fireclay brick was cut off grinder (angle grinder). Used for bonding heat-resistant glue. For the structural strength of the wall of fireclay brick zashtroblena and tied to a wall (to increase resistance, you can use pieces of rebar embedded in the wall)


In the area of the upper edges of the fireplace hearth to strengthen the construction of imbedded and glued a metal bath, which gives structural stability and serves as a basis for further investment following a number of refractory bricks. The metal foil tape pasted area to reduce its heating

7kamin After completion of laying fireclay brick chamber of the assembly proceed to the frame of a metal profile of the side walls of the fireplace cladding. Wool foil glued to the back of the sheet of plasterboard to the lateral wall (provided that the wall of a brick), slate or flat sheets that are used for thermal insulation of the wooden walls of the timber
8kamin All seams are heat chamber at the junction of metallic wool pasted with tape to prevent leakage of hot air outside of the structure. Pay particular attention to the fact that on the surface of the joints of ventilation pipes did not speak, and that they do not create additional resistance to flow of warm air
81kamin Thermal insulation of the space between the ceiling and heat chamber - a must! It does not allow structures to heat the ceiling no matter what they are made. WARNING! Be sure to insulate the pipe ventilation, despite the fact that this area is far from the fireplace hearth!
9kamin We recommend the installation of foil plates of basalt wool pieces. The complexity of work with solid pieces of wool is at a disadvantage, and sometimes the inability to mount large pieces and gluing the inside seam construction
91kamin After completing the installation of cameras to recommend re-kindling the fire for the test chamber. In the picture - frame design has not yet trimmed sheets of gypsum. Already during the test, you can feel the flow of hot air inside the heating chamber. The first time you may experience condensation. However, in order to design is not destroyed, we recommend testing after a complete drying of the glue mixture!

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