Humidity timber for house construction. Cracks in wood

Influence of humidity on crack houses in the details of wooden houseGathered to build a house? We decided to cut down a couple of cubic meters of trees for building materials? Then this article is for you. What should be the moisture content of building timber, so no problem to build a wooden house? It all depends on what goals you pursue. That's right - the humidity and the type of timber depends on the future of the house. If this is the log house or log cabin wild - that no one will dry the wood using modern technologies in order to avoid cracking in the future. If you have chosen as a building material laminated corrugated board - the answer is known in advance: board will have a moisture content of 8-10%, because only when this moisture is sticking slats laminated veneer lumber. At the same time cracking beams are extremely rare or do not occur.


Зовсім по-іншому йде справа з так званим "сирим деревом". Потрапляючи на сонце не оброблена деревина починає нерівномірно швидко просихати, що викликає внутрішні напруги всередині структури стовбура (колоди). Це призводить до появи глибоких тріщин у будівельних деталях.
Вимірювання вологості матеріалу проводиться на етапі не тільки склеювання але і монтажу будинку. Дані вимірювань беруться за основу для прийняття рішень про придатність деталей для склеювання і подальшої обробки бруса.
У нашій практиці не поодинокі були випадки, коли замовник бажав, щоб в деталях його будинку були тріщини, які надають особливого неповторного шарму зрубу з бруса і оциліндрованного колоди.
Однак, такі деталі з тріщинами таять в собі багато неприємностей пов'язаних не тільки з експлуатацією готового будинку, але і з його будівництвом.
Кожна тріщина - причина зміни геометричної форми дерев'яних деталей. Кожне, навіть найменше, зміна вологості бруса призводить до зміни форми технологічних пазів і розмірів.
Quite different is the case with the so-called "raw wood". Getting on the sun is not treated wood starts to dry out quickly unevenly, which causes internal stresses within the structure of the trunk (log). This leads to the appearance of deep cracks in the walls of the building details and a wooden house or a bath.
Measurement of moisture content of the material performed on stage, not only the bonding and assembly houses. These measurements are taken as the basis for decisions about the suitability of parts for bonding and subsequent processing of timber.
In our practice is not uncommon there have been instances when the customer wishes to see the details of his house were cracked, which gives a special charm baulk of timber and logs.
However, such details with cracks pose a lot of trouble not only related to the operation of the finished wooden house, but also in its construction.
Each crack - cause changes in the geometric shape of wooden parts. Every, even small, changes in moisture content leads to changes in beam shape and size of technological grooves.


Cracks in the ends of beams. deformed parts

Therefore, we recommend that developers using parts of the shaped pieces to make installation of high humidity immediately after the manufacture of parts or a bath house, while their form is consistent project documentation. If we assume, to the raw wood unsold between profiling and laying in the frame, then the change in geometry rpivedet impossible to lay wreaths log normal, and sometimes require rework all the details. If you put wet items immediately to the frame, then their subsequent deformation takes place in the final design and does not affect the assembly joints. Although it does not reduce the number of cracked parts of your home. The biggest strains susceptible to the ends of parts. They will change the humidity of the fastest. And as a consequence - the deepest cracks!


That this was the reason that our company was taken over to manufacture complete sets of parts to build houses from glued profiled beam. The quality is the highest, reduced problems during installation and storage of parts, improve the look of a wooden house.

Small tip: to get a crack on the details of the house, but you do not have difficulties with the installation works - profile the already cracked but the dry part or timber. Monitor the moisture of your building materials, or "plan cracks" in your log.

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