Safety of the wooden house. Fire alarm system.

Fire safety.

Багато замовників починають розмову про безпеку дерев'яного будинку коли він вже побудований. Ми рекомендуємо подивитися на це питання більш глибоко. Що входить в поняття "безпека"? Наведемо кілька пунктів, які першими спали на думку:
1. Захист від вторгнення в приватне житло
2. Захист від пожежі
3. Захист від вибуху газу
4. Захист від чадного газу
5. Захист від затоплення приміщень водою
6. Захист від різного роду комах і тварин-гризунів
7. Захист від руйнуючої дії грибків, рослин, цвілі
та ін


Many customers begin to talk about the safety of wooden house where he had built. We recommend that you look at this issue more deeply. What is the concept of "security"? Here are some items that first come to mind:

1. Protection against intrusion into private housing

2. Protection against fire

3. Protection from gas explosion

4. Protection against carbon monoxide

5. Protection against flooding areas with water

6. Protection against all kinds of insects and animals, rodents

7. Protection against damaging effects of fungi, plants, fungi, etc.


Some hazards can be prevented after building the house. Choosing wood for raw materials - must begin long before the log will produce glulam elements and wooden structures. In ancient times, the tree chosen for the construction of a priest and osvyachivali place where will be logging long before his wheelhouse. As they say - all the time!

Remote wireless fire alarm with dialer module via mobile

What to do when the house is already built, the walls are impregnated remedies painted and furniture installed? How to instal alarm systems and fire prevention? What if the system does not fit the wires into the interior of your home? For wooden house - this is a very topical issue. It turns out that there is also the option of building security and warning of a possible fire. We will not consider complex and expensive alarm systems. Here is an example of a simple design fire alarm based wireless technologies with feature alerts you by phone about the threat to your home.

The cost of such a system to the very minimum configuration is about $ 200. It consists of the remote control that can automatically receive alarms from sensors and transmit it consistently to multiple mobile subscribers in the form of SMS or even voice, sensors, sirens, etc. Number of recipients of such information is programmed and can range from 1 to 10 subscribers. Someone must get an alarm. The peculiarity of this security system is that the signal from the sensor surveillance areas not covered by wire, and wireless technologies. What does this mean? This means that you do not need to call plumbers to hire services firms to pull wires and break repair wooden house. Pretty place (fix) sensor fire alarm in the right spot to activate it and the remote will set him connection.


Set of autonomous wireless alarm for self-installation


Fire alarm sensor can be attached to the wall even bilateral tape. The signal from the sensor is transmitted to the remote in encrypted form. This is very similar to the technology Wi-Fi. It remains to insert the card into the system from the mobile phone, set-in telephone numbers for notification and simple autonomous fire protection system will be ready to go. Equipped with such remote signaling and protection against false positives. They can be connected to a large number of sensors simultaneously. They are scalable and can incorporate sensors of various models. These sensors detect water leaks, smoke, opening doors, gas leaks and other.

A working fire protection system will automatically detect the level of anxiety and notify you voice message or SMS. Do it until it will not get you to a reaction to its message. Managing a mobile phone you can manage utilities in the house. But it can do more expensive systems. In our review, we will return to the issue of installing security systems in wooden houses.


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