Decorating walls laminate

Decorating walls laminateLaminate - building material, which not so long ago appeared in the arsenal of the builders and designers. But in a short time gained in popularity. Practicality, durability, and a wide selection of designs - made common type of laminate flooring. 31 class 32 class 33 class and even 34! These "classic" is not limited to laying on the floor. Recently, there are solutions when laminate laid on the walls and ceiling. In such a way to create a unique and elegant decorative elements. they bring the texture of wood in places where before and did not think to create the texture of wood. and there were wooden jewelry items in stone houses and brick walls.


Decor laminate on the wallWhere and what to look for laminate? It is easy to get lost in a variety of models and colors. You may have to restrict ourselves to studying the sale of laminate Alloc Home 32 classes, which is present in a wide range on the market. But in any case, you should consider a few features.
And if the issue of creating beauty and so - all clear, then what about laying laminate on the wall with regard to the choice of building material and its properties?

1. The absence of mechanical and abrasive loads on elements of the walls and ceiling of the laminate can be used for this purpose the thinnest and most delicate laminate
2. Decisive role in choosing laminate wall is its texture (decorative properties)
3. The second important feature of the selection of laminate is its price.
4. Surface of the framework for laying laminate on the wall, as in the case of laying on the floor must be flat. Irregularities laying laminate on the wall are shown very clearly in a side light.
5. Installation of laminate is similar to plastic plates, it is possible to combine the wall covering of a combination of these materials.
Felling of timber - is no exception. Inlays made of laminate on the walls and ceiling make the interior unusual and original.

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