Stairs in the house - road to dream

Сходи в деревяному бдинку

Stairs in the house - the road to the dream. Differently and do not want to call this an important and respectable piece of furniture. Around the structure of the house ladder unfolding the most heated debates and discussions. Each presents itself on the stairs as the rightful owner of the house and everyone wants to see the stairs as the most beautiful part of the house. Many design steps is the epitome of wealth and success in life.

However, that dream came true, you should stick to the basic design principles and follow the rules of constructing these beautiful and intricate designs. To alter this design - it is impossible. Cheaper and easier - to construct a new staircase. In this paper, we propose a new approach to the problem of designing and building the stairs. Children in toddlers, older and infirm people, just sick - that category of people who determine the shape and parameters of the stairs. IIn order to make the ladder safety - architects and designers are making every effort. If the designer meets all the safety requirements of the people, and the rest will be convenient to use it. Here are the golden rules were withdrawn by designers in order to ladder was convenient and safe. Manufacture of wooden stairs combines a rule that applies to most types of stairs: spiral, boosters and others..

Staircase in a wooden house

Recommended slope of the march - 1:2.

Optimal width of the steps - 30 cm.

The optimum step height - 15 cm.

Comfortable staircase obtained if: double riser height and tread width in the amount equal to 60 - 65 cm, or there is such empirical fformula convenience stairs: the difference between the width of the tread and riser height should be 12 cm.

Ladder will be safe if: total width of the tread and riser height = 46 cm.

Height of handrail to the stairs shall not be less than 90 cm.

The distance between the spindle must not be more than 10 cm for the safety of young children.

If the features of the house is such that you will only fit winder staircase with steps, then the length of the march step width in the center of each step should be at least 28-30 cm.

Even a person with a 2-meter rise should not hurt the head lowest part of the lumen of the ladder at the lowest point.

On the strength of stairs should be double or triple safety factor for retaining weight.

The width of the march can be different and depends on how much space you "left" for stairs and for what purpose ladder is used. Spacious halls for the length of steps can be from 2 to 4 meters. To exit the attic - it can be 60 cm

There are many forms of stairs: it can be helical, straight, swivel 90 degrees and 180 degrees, the ring. Some steps may include an intermediate landing. If there is insufficient length of a flight of stairs using sectoral level winder. In some cases, can save up to 1 meter rise. Indisputable is the fact it is necessary to design a ladder during house construction and not after the wall is built! Best in this case - to resort to professional experts. Stairs - the road to the dream. And writing about this dream we going to our web site.

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