Evaporation rate of wood or shortage in construction.

Испарение дерева или недостачи при строительстве.

You had to build a house with his own hands? Or economic way? Familiar phase, "Master, did not have nails! Buy another 3 lbs. "Yes, everywhere you look - the problem is the same in all: not enough, some still have not had a full pack or whatever it was, but suddenly can not find - evaporated somewhere. And I - the author of this essay came across this more than once, because building a house with his own hands and proxy - hired builders. Almost all of the construction phase had control. Here are simple examples that were in my building:

with the phrase buy 2 kg of nails 200 for fastening rafters. I checked that the workers hit the nail on one of four rafters, weighed, pack, counted how many pieces and more so happened that issued it nails more than enough for the entire roof after "speech" my calculation builders I have set in deadlock. Immediately found 2 pounds extra nails that "accidentally" fell into the grass and not fall into the field of view of those who are responsible for their use. This universal control allowed to return in payment installers of water heating fittings, couplings and knees for pipes worth 20% of the estimated calculation. The biggest discrepancy was discovered when installing drywall ceilings. Brigade Builders I drove before beginning work as ceiling mounting profile stated 3 times more than the manufacturer expects construction! Total control allows, so to speak, to save their personal finances

Недостачам -Нет!

Just "evaporates" tree construction. Analysis shortages showed that miraculously evaporate from the construction site of the wooden house is not in the form of finished parts, and missing rafters, beams, boards deal in short - cut edging material. That loss was quickly we studied and systematized. Fades that countenance has a special special features. Finished piece crown has a well defined shape, lock holes in grid-Nagel. This specific design does not allow this detail anywhere except in the wall of the house. For very obvious is the presence of "extra" materials. A planed timber can be used anywhere: It's building!

Monitoring, recording the issuance kits for self assembly building takes place in several stages and virtually eliminates shortages in the manufacture and storage of parts on stage in tutus, which reduces to zero the coefficient of evaporation tree.

Extensive experience sending these kits overseas export does not allow to evaporate and disappear woodwork fault of the manufacturer. Another thing - if you are not organized security and proper storage of parts. We have already mentioned in the article about typical mistakes storage building kits for assembly at construction sites - causes shortages and damage to wooden parts.


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