Houses of wood: what wood is best ?

Wooden houses were built mainly of pine, as the most accessible material. Since then, little has changed in this regard. As Russia continues to build of pine. It is not accidental and is explained by a set of qualities that has pine, namely: a solid, dense, malousyhayuschaya resistant to cracking, resistant to rot, abrasion, nesuchkovataya, chopping, easy, straight trunk, affordable, and has the best quality-price ratio.


Wood properties
dries slowly
Resistance against cracking
Resistance against rotting
Wear resistance
Stem straightness
Easily accessible

If you compare it with other tree species, it is perhaps only in some respects be inferior to other materials. Cedar pine yield on resistance from decay and from cracking, but not significantly, inferior to larch 1 / 3 strength, as well as an oak, whose resistance to abrasion above.

However, each breed, which gives way to pine for some indicators, is more expensive (much more expensive).

The quality of wood depends on the place of growing pines. The best material for the construction of a pine in the north. Therefore, the choice of material should take this into account.

There are about 100 species of pine in moderate slightly in the tropics of the Northern Hemisphere, in southern latitudes usually grows in the mountains

Among these species often used as a decorative piece for the paper and furniture industries. For construction works are mainly pine, flexible, resinous, swamp, Korean, Caribbean, gustotsvetnaya.

In Japan, for example, the most common type is gustotsvetnaya pine, reaching 30 m in length, has some good technical qualities. The most common in Japan, as is typical for its landscape.

In eastern North America extended resinous pine, which has similar properties to the Scots pine, but is more solid.

In Russia, the most common species are pine and pine flexible.

Scotch pine grows in the Arkhangelsk region and Komi, Republic of Buryatia. At length reaches 40 meters. Has high technical qualities, especially growing on dry ground: 10% humidity, resistance to bending - 690 kg/cm3, volumetric weight - 0,55.According to its mechanical properties, ease of processing cutting tools and small volume weight is the main tree species in residential construction.

Pine is flexible in length is about 20-25 m. It has good mechanical properties, light, soft, and therefore often used as a building material.

Early pine wood - a yellowish-white (with a width of 20 to 80 growth rings), differs sharply from the reddish-brown wood core.

Pine has properties such as: high barb, striped texture is quite pronounced. These two properties determine the use of pine in the performance of major elements as well as in small - will not be used all its capabilities. Besides pine wood is heterogeneous, that is another argument in favor of large items. Pine is well cut and sawed, especially if the little pine tar.

(Article from the site "Wooden Houses")


In Ukraine, the most frequently used spruce and Smereka. The absence of resin and less sting than pine makes it an ideal material for the production of  laminated veneer lumber grading.

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