Modern house on their own. Begin to build

A modern wooden house - complicated and expensive construction. To build it, it is necessary along with the physical facilities and a reserve of spare time to have a clear idea of ??what to build and how to build. Choosing the type of home, its size and interior layout, specifying designs, materials and power engineering equipment at home, should not rush. Only finally confirmed in their decisions can be wisely choose the appropriate project, modify it to local conditions and to begin preparation of necessary construction materials.

Have long believed that a house built on its own, brings more satisfaction and joy than a house built by other hands. At present, removed many restrictions on low-rise building, individual developers given broad rights and opportunities for the construction of their own manor house.

Significantly increased the production of necessary construction materials and their free sale on the trading bases and specialty stores, simplified system of land allocation for construction and approval of individual projects of apartment houses. All this creates favorable conditions for extensive development of individual housing construction.


For rational space-planning and design decision manor house successfully combines modern comfort with well-maintained urban apartment and the natural spontaneity of suburban homes. Each house, constructed in a particular region, must meet certain requirements. The design of the foundation, basement, walls, windows, doors, roofs, must take into account the nature of the soil on which stands the house, climate, weathering, wind, terrain features, relief area, the depth of groundwater, etc. For these reasons, the houses built in different regions will have their own individual designs. Historically, the house is always cold areas were built with thick walls and relatively small windows, but in warmer areas - with thin walls and large windows. The choice of materials to build the house was dictated by the same reasons. Features of Russia lies in the fact that we have a wide variety of climatic conditions. In general, climatic conditions in Russia are more stringent than in Europe and the USA. U.S. climate more severe when compared with European rates, but we should not forget that the northern boundary of the U.S. is at 49 degrees north latitude. Alaska, we are now deleted. A 49 degrees north latitude, if we apply it to Russia - a border area with Ukraine in the Kharkov region.

Before you build a house on their own, you must obtain permission to identify land for construction, have a project at home, think about organizing the site and placement of construction materials. It should also be rationally distribute the works. A variety of materials and articles posted on the site so that they can be easily step up and deliver them to the construction site by the shortest route. For example, brick, lime, cement, slag lay nearby house under construction in a dry place.

Necessary to plan the site, which indicate where it will be dug a pit for slaked lime pit; identify their depth and estimated cubic content. Determine where to draw water, as laid sewer, gas pipeline, to input power. Well-thought-out timetable for getting rid of many troubles and save labor costs. In order to improve the efficiency of investments should include the phased construction, considering also the growth of the family.

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