Choosing a good home form

When choosing a good home form as much as possible to simplify its geometry. The reason is that the greatest heat losses occur through the walls, because their area is to be the lowest. Best classical configuration of the house - a cube. The geometry of the cube gives the smallest area of  the external surfaces. But in this home that has a square, not always possible to make easy scheduling of rooms and utility room.

The proportions and shape of wooden house

So often, houses are built in a rectangular parallelepiped (excluding the roof form). The building is rectangular provide planning that meets the requirements of people in it. When planning facilities should take into account that for natural lighting of rooms impractical to make them straight inside the house. The most favorable ratio of the room from 1,5:1 to 1:1,5 ie one room size should not exceed another by more than 1,5. Allowed room layouts with an aspect ratio of 1,75:1 to 2:1, or deep inside lies along the exterior walls with windows (Fig., "Proportion of living rooms in the plan, but - the favorable ratio of b - allowable ratio.

Projecting the appearance of housing, not recommended building complex configuration.

It is caused by the following considerations. First, the complicated form of the building leads to an increase in perimeter and area of ??exterior walls through which heat is lost from the building outside. At the same time to build walls will require more construction materials. In addition, such homes tend to have more corners, but on the inside surface of exterior walls at the corners temperature always lower than the surface of the wall. This is because the angles have worse thermal characteristics (compared to the smooth surface of the wall).

In the corners of the outer surface, which borders the cold air has a large area in comparison with domestic warm air from the tangent space. Because it passes through angles greater heat flow than through the wall, and large heat losses occur. Thus, complications configuration leads to increased heat losses and additional costs for construction and heating of the warm house.

Buildings of wood that form a rectangle in the plan, you should not do a great extent. Besides increasing the area of ??external walls through which heat is lost, checked out the sides of the house shall be greater wind pressure drop, leading to enhanced infiltration of cold air through the walls and windows. This requires more intensive heating of rooms to support them in thermal comfort.

Typically, individual design wooden houses with terrace, which is used in warm weather. With heating engineering point of view it should be placed along a stretching home parties. This location will protect the verandah wall warm house from the wind, reducing heat losses that occur during infiltration.

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