Round logs: the pros and cons...

Round logs, which is used for the construction of wooden houses, is treated exactly the mechanical method. This approach, of course, does not create advantages for this material. As in the preparation of sets of logs at the special needs for such equipment destroyed by a protective layer, but because of the wooden houses of rounded logs do not last as long as their counterparts - the house of wood hand-chopping. Another awkward moment, which is typical wooden houses made ??of logs, is the fact that they are built from natural materials, natural moisture. This means that on completion of construction to live in such a house would not be possible. But after 2-3 years old when the wood dries completely - please.

But the pluses of chopped wood houses "cylindering" are also available. Such structures are among the most aesthetic and technological options of all houses made of wood. Applying high-precision milling machines, performing the trimming and cutting of studs in the material, the process of preparing the material and construction of the house of "cylindering" runs with ease, as if effortlessly. Erection of a log house, moreover, does not take much time. Manufacturing kits for timber construction, using high precision technology to minimize gaps in the crown. A compound wall elements may at any angle. This in turn will help prevent heat loss in the future operation of the building. The advantages of logs may also include its extraordinary strength, which is incomparable with any other material glued, so the wooden houses of solid wood and are known for their use, rather than at home from bars. We must not forget also when considering the advantages of "cylindering" its attractive and aesthetic appearance. House of round wood look is very natural, beautiful, naturally. And one notable plus in choosing the material - no need for interior decoration. And this is - significant savings for your budget.


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