The use of laminated veneer lumber in the construction of houses.

To understand and appreciate the laminated board, as well as with respect to any material, you need to make a comparative analysis, to identify the advantages and disadvantages. Glued laminated timber - it is three layers of wood are fastened by special trains. The first advantage of this design - it's uselessness long time for drying the finished material. Consequently, the wooden houses from glued beams have virtually no shrinkage. Another relief, characteristic of laminated veneer lumber, during the construction of wooden houses, is due to the use of special hardware, such as "tongue and groove. " Feature of this technology is obvious. Wooden houses are going to easily design and the whole process takes a minimum of time.

One of the most important, the main conditions imposed as a chopped homes, and to the designs of laminated veneer lumber - it's environmentally friendly materials and techniques. It is safe to say that laminated veneer lumber, this condition is proud to stand up. By the way, long ago revealed that the tree has useful medicinal properties even after tree cutting. Prevents the appearance of dust and dangerous bacteria in the house. These known facts are characteristic wooden houses of any design. But laminated board has additional features. He serves as a natural air conditioner perpetual action.

Passing through the porous structure of the material, air promotes natural ventilation in the room. Because the houses from glued beams always optimum humidity and temperature. A very important advantage, especially for the climate with frosty surprises "that have houses made of laminated veneer lumber, is their natural insulation. And it is a significant savings in energy.

Lows in structures of laminated veneer lumber is also available. Basically it is a great value a laminated material with respect to the shaped beam. Well, of course, the fragility in relation to the concrete. But there are data gaps and overlapping factors. Expensive leveled fast assembly, no need to refine the design after shrinkage, as well as reliability. A short life span overlaps environmental cleanliness, as well as health-dwellers of this home. Because concrete is such healing properties, as a tree does not possess.

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