Wooden House Building. Features of construction technology with profiled beam.

Ukraine has been actively reviving wooden construction. It began primarily with the construction of buildings made of logs. The fact that such a construction would not require a sophisticated and expensive equipment.

Enough to have two machines: tsilindrovalny and machine for cutting the cups - and within a short period can produce structural components for the framework. Such equipment in sufficient quantity produces a number of domestic enterprises.

On the other hand, the priority of wooden construction with logs contributed to widespread demand for them due to the relatively low price and very good appearance. However, such constructions, and they actually look like dolls, are best suited for country houses - in the cold season, they require a considerable amount of heating.


The next stage of development of wooden housing construction can be considered housing of laminated veneer lumber. It is expensive because the production of structural components requires a powerful high-precision equipment and advanced technologies. But the cost is justified, because the laminated board has significant advantages over the massive timbers and log.

First, before gluing wood cut from it swirls and defects, blanks are selected for color, texture.

Thanks to this article made of laminated wood have a flawless appearance, moisture content not exceeding 12%, do not crack like a log, drying and over time. Second, in contrast to the massive laminated wood retains its shape and size during the lifetime of the building, as plywood are no internal stresses. Third, the design of glued wood to 50-70% more massive due to features of bonding slats so that their wood fiber - the annual rings - focused outward, which increases durability. Unlike the massive, laminated veneer lumber available in damaged areas of wood before gluing dried boards treated with environmentally safe preservatives, life continues at home and protects the wood from insects, fungi, and microorganisms. And fourthly, the laminated veneer lumber no sharp or thin strips, so it can not accidentally ignite matches, lighters or cigarettes - wood darkened, charred, but did not catch fire. If the wood handle with flame retardants, it will be difficult even intentionally set fire.

All businesses use technology of laminated veneer lumber, which are not significantly different from each other. For example, the timber can be glued from both the solid boards, and from separate pieces of fused lamellae. The motivation here is this: if the board is not a satisfactory length of defects, it is not spliced. Lamella may have knots, but may not have, or twigs were removed and the hole stoppered. The solid can be external fins, and internal - composite of separate pieces.

Laminated veneer lumber production technology is known. After the cutting of timber on board and drying of lumber, it has 10 stages, each of which use high-precision equipment.

After drying, the board is calibrated for Milling and planing machines, and cut out the width of many pollen machines. This operation allows you to detect hidden defects, which are removed, areas free from defects in spliced ??miniship along on the lines of mechanical splicing. For gluing slats use environmentally friendly high strength adhesives that do not disrupt the ability of wood to "breathe." But the quality of bonding timber must meet the international standard DINEN 204, water resistance class - D 4.

Practice shows that in those enterprises where the bar area when bonding wood fibers, ie, annual rings in lamellae set in opposite sides from each other, glued laminated wood is much stronger than conventional shaped beam, and when the humidity does not change its form, that is, it does not "lead".

Sometimes, for personal use wood slats of another breed, such as a pine slat outside slat paste made of larch.

Typically, laminated veneer lumber from bonded lamella is longer than that of the glued solid planks, its length is 9, and, if necessary, and 11 meters. In some enterprises may manufacture laminated logs 18-20 feet long.

After gluing slats into a single beam of his profiles on the four-way machines. This is one of the most critical moments of manufacturing glued profiled beam. From the precision of the Paso-ridge connection depends on the quality of lumber, and finally, the quality of future wooden house. Each company independently develops the design of this compound, resulting in different firms, they are different. There is a structure where performed with high precision tongue and groove for sealing joints pave band synthetic sealant. However, more often more complex systems groove-ridge, where, thanks to the precise milling compound sealant needed. The compounds do so dense that they do not penetrate the moisture, they are not blown and not freeze.

Wood needs protection. Untreated wooden facades destroyed mainly by the complex influence of water, UV radiation and micro-organisms. The sun breaks down lignin - the substance cementing wood fibers, resulting in the wood turn gray, crack and even split in the vacuum that penetrates the water and creates a favorable environment for microbial growth.

To protect the wood from exposure to various microorganisms used antiseptics, which penetrate into the wood and form a film. There are substances in the water and organic basis. Antiseptics "on water" have several advantages: they do not increase the fire hazard, do not interfere with gas exchange, and usually devoid of unfriendly odor. However, organic compounds easily penetrate into the timber, contain a number of valuable additions, which is not in soluble antiseptic.

As for prevention, and for the "treatment, using, for example, antiseptics, water-based Bio-sept" (NPP Rogneda). To the same end use special fungicide solutions: "Homeenpoysto 1" ("Thick smoke") DeluxFungicida (ICIPainst, UK), FEIDALSchimmen-EX ("Fai further Production", Russia-Germany). These substances are applied to areas of tree damage mold or fungi, can withstand a few hours and thoroughly washed with clean water. To prevent the destruction of trees and insects is mixture "Antizhuk (NPP Rogneda).

Film-forming antiseptics and perform a decorative function, ie serve as a topcoat. There are transparent and opaque antiseptics. Transparency does not hide the wood texture, but eventually washed out under the influence of atmospheric moisture. Opaque antiseptics, made on the basis of acrylate and alkyd resins, resist external influence, as exterior paint.

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