Glulam: features

Glulam: features

Among the advantages of the material are the following:

A high percentage of heat preservation, heat insulation materials do not need gaskets when assembling.

The smooth, flat surface. Thus, Beams can be used without external processing.

No shrinkage. No such quality can achieve thorough drying of raw materials, lack of internal tension. The design of laminated veneer lumber over time preserve the continuity of geometrical sizes.

Short construction time. Details stated in architectural design, manufactured in the factory. Time collection design with laminated veneer lumber will not exceed 5-6 weeks. Thus, the customer gets a reliable, gualiti housing at a reasonable price for the shortest time.

For reliability and other qualities of the wall from glued beams are not inferior to brick. At the same time retain all the advantages of wood as a material - a unique microclimate, ecological purity.

Glulam can be used not only for manufacturing major parts of the structure. Since it is made floor beams, rafters and other elements.

Glulam is made to our company from sawmills. At each stage of production (harvesting, drying, blending, cleaning, patching, profiling) timber passes control for defects in quality and selection. Glulam has a very high strength characteristics. This is achieved due to the fact that when gluing wood chosen so that the fibers of wood were placed in opposite directions.

Брус клеєний з хвойних порід

Houses, cottages, villas on the building materials relating to premium and emphasize the respectability and good taste owners. Glulam has all the advantages of a wooden house (a unique microclimate, fitoterapevtychnyy effect, environmental). But at the same production technology eliminates the problems faced by owners of buildings with other wooden building materials. For comparison, Beams prevents shrinkage, shrinkage, gaps, reduces construction time. House with him - a perfect balance of technology, ecology and aesthetics, it can serve for centuries

Houses of glued timber-rugged due to the absence of crevices and cracks, deformation, moisture resistance and resistance to microorganisms.

Houses from glued beams are going in record time at the expense of "thorn-groove". No shrinkage and high precision construction of the walls can immediately mount utilities, windows and roof.

High insulation properties of laminated veneer lumber. Accurate, "jewelry" fit and material properties of wood can do without additional insulation. Plus, glued timber - a "conditioning" natural: wood refreshes the air in the building at night by 30%, eliminates excess humidity or dryness.

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