How much does a square meter of your home?

buherHow much does a square meter of your home?
This question is asked all who want to build housing. The answer is diverse. In one case, you just say $ 250 per square meter. In the second case, they say - 200 euros per cubic wall. We have a view on the issue of pricing. It's like asking: "How much is in bundling machine: 4 tires, one wheel, one motor, undercarriage and cabin?"
Answer in no case exactly once not possible. Here are the reasons why it goes:
1. Price the house - is the cost of materials and works
2. Cost of works is determined by the quantity and quality materials which should be built
3. Number of materials - is available estimate.
4. The current estimate - which means that a calculation podetalna
5. Podetalna calculation is based on the construction project working drawings
6. Construction drawings are executed in the presence of preliminary design, building size, design analysis features of the house.

Immediately it is clear that house price report, which the customer only begun to dream - impossible.There is in each of its mechanism roughly approximate determination of the previous value of the house based on current commodity prices, taking into account the complexity of works, place of construction season work and so on.
The situation worsens when the customer looks at the brick house project and the dreams of its implementation of timber or logs. Of course, the idea that the project can be used, but "brick projects" does not take into account the specific structure of wood. For example, builders are repelled in the design of timber constructions houses from the available raw material base in the region:


  • trimming the length of the material available on the market
  • wood
  • availability of raw materials at a certain season
  • need for long term planning of procurement of raw materials at auction
  • timing of drying wood, etc.


So the answer to the question "at what price the house?" can vary several times. We should not forget that in order to calculate the construction cost - based on the draft should be ready. What to do when a typical project? In our practice is the houses that were made parties. For example model wooden house "Joseph." However, in each case we made the changes. Then slide the wall, then remove the partition, increase by 2 bar, then change the angle of the roof. For those models the houses on your computer it means - redesign the whole project to list all cost.
That is why our staff always ask whether you have the project in order to calculate the price of the house.
buher2So the answer to the machine that has 4 wheels - it may be BMW with complete minced, and perhaps Lada. In the house the same size may be one or two partitions, floors can be with or without plinths, not to mention a different material from which made the building and equipment. Everything must be considered and evaluated.
So you have a project? Start with him and never go wrong!

What is the estimate? To be continued ...

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