Bath with timber and logs

Баня з брусу. ФотоBath with timber and logs - not a luxury but a state of mind. I want a bath! Thus begins the fulfillment of desires of those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle who loves rosy cheeks and tea with cheese. So start looking for the project for future investment in the unique fun and meeting friends. This is an old Slavic tradition - BATH!
Frankly, even to begin and what to the bath has no relation. That name - the same, but the purpose - is another. This prestige is a business meeting is a constant attribute display material wealth is the object of envy and intentional praise.
Although both use the bath - are compatible with each other. Bath - something big, healthy and desirable, so that attracts and develops into a pleasant and healthy relationship.
Only experts can build a case bath bath that will satisfy any desire to even meet the lover. And the builder and architect and designer who is not loved to sweat in the bath - can not build a dome so as to obtain from it a 100% satisfaction and health. Attach the bath shower can only fierce bathers with great experience. And in this sense, we come to such work, because in the state enterprise "Dobrobud" Most employees have extensive experience of visiting the baths and have their own bath.
The fact that you need to select a tree for the construction of a bath - we are silent. It is not even discussed! No modern technology does not replace the natural beauty and practicality, which are incorporated in logs or profiled beam. And this is justified - wooden houses and baths really "live", allowing to breathe easily and comfortably, even in the metropolis.
Бані та сауни з брусу. Фото
Enterprise Dobrobud tm Daisy started its activities with the construction of wooden houses is the building bath (bath). For many years we are working on the construction market, and argue that the wooden houses and log houses, summer houses and baths are not only not lost its relevance, but also gaining popularity.
Projects wooden baths (baths) of logs and timber - much to find them - not too difficult. Harder to find those who understand the essence of the use of baths, and has no perfect design tools, visualization tools, and marketing mechanisms.
We invest in the project bath (bath) bath essence of the case and add to it a little wishes of the customer and the construction characteristics of the region. Although there are those customers who "know" about the bath all, but steam and not collected. According to their plan out pretty respectable fills the room with modern equipment that can only be called a bath, but no more.
If you asked where to build the bath, which bath design to choose? 10 years ago we would have answered - of logs, as it is beautiful, stylish, smells of antiquity. Today we would have answered - Project bath (bath) to choose from glued profiled beam. The reason is simple. Improved technology. Glued profiled beam - material for its superior thermal insulation properties of logs in many ways. Read more about the benefits of laminated beams here ...
We offer designs bath (bath) as a separate frame and integrated into the wooden houses, single-floor bathroom and two-story complex for the rest of the paired and saunas.
On many sites you will find typical bath projects. Once built the project has become typical. But based on our experience - each customer brings to the project that something, that it was his understanding the inherent comfort, comfort that is associated with its dream of a bath instead of a typical project. Our experts will design such a bath and put into this project all the knowledge and love of the bath.
We do not namahylasya show all projects constructed by us baths and saunas from laminated veneer lumber and logs. Their lot. We have chosen to showcase the most original projects baths and saunas

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