Detached house and "Evil spirits". Superstitions.

Evil spiritsModern life is an integral of fiction, which filled the media, film and television. Everywhere we see the world forces, which is fighting a man, especially such, who lives in a separate private house. We offer on the other hand look at this issue. This article we begin a new column devoted to unusual living in a private house and mythical (perhaps real) characters that filled our lives. We recall the customs and rituals associated with building a new home or bath.
Who but us live in our house and next to it? Let's mention the most popular. These are: goblins, ghosts, lyeshi, kikimory, devils, werewolves, mermaids, banniky ... This list could go on for long, because in every nation they are called differently, but have similar properties.
Evil spirits usually comes from Hell. At one time, according to people's stories, all this devilry was banished from heaven to hell, but not all got there. One of those who did not fall into Hell was a goblin. God punished him and appointed to serve people in the houses where they lived 70 years. And only then goblin received forgiveness. So there appeared in our lives the most common character potoybichchya goblin! In the second version of the devil appeared (and not unimportant, there is still) with the "wrong" dead (eg, suicide), people, evil forces and kidnapped children who were born on the person and any impure.
     Evil spirits - omnipresent. You can "meet" in anywhere and at any time. But often it is based only in her typical, "unclean" places. Impenetrable forest, viscous swamp, crossing roads, baths, barn, and finally, the most common cemetery. An important sign of evil spirits is a mandatory appearance in its natural or animal cell. It may be human likeness. In addition, the devil may be manifested in the form of inanimate objects such as bales of hay or a pillar of dust.
Interestingly, within the same unclean image may appear as treacherous action, and good and decent. For example, the sprite is usually confusing, hides and breaks in the building where it is not valued and do not care about it. The main action that makes evil forces against people quite different: impurity can intimidate people as sound and touch, to choke in his sleep, shoot down the path, tickle, cite the mess in the house, finally, to tempt people of different sinful temptations.
    As someone who recognizes the existence of evil spirits, can avoid it? Very simple: decorate charms of herbs, branches and flowers. Well illuminate all corners of the building and not create blockages junk in the house, keep the house clean, to plant next to the house rowan and many others.
Goblin. Foto.    Domovyk is a special character in evil spirits, as he is called to be friends with people. That's why different people he has the following names: goblin, Grandfather; postinnomu; Posten; Lyzun; Domozhyl; landlord; steatite; Undead; Susedko; Bratanushko breath-guard; abuser house. Sprite - one of the few "neighbors" with whom to live peacefully and not to insult him. Urchin does evil, and only joking sometimes even providing services if the host or hostess likes.
If the goblin loved home, he warns of trouble, chat house and yard, in the opposite case, he roars and beats dishes, shouts, etc. tupotyt. They say that the sprite does not like lazy. Goblin not suffer the long standing in the kitchen dirty kitchen appliances.
If you ignore these signs, it appears that not annoy brownie - very simple. It should be a good host in svomu house or apartment.
     This folk customs to be followed in order to "make friends" with the goblin and that he charm your home from evil spirits:
  • to highlight the importance of the brownie for the family. Entitle him to respect - the owner. Before you sit down to dinner, and to invite him to eat;
  • when making important decisions would be good to ask advice and consent of the brownie;
  • going and coming from the house, you need to say goodbye and welcome to goblin;
  • urchin loves sweets, waffles, gingerbread, and not give up on marmalade with halva. Such a gift would be nice to him, and probably after, the inhabitants and the spirit of good will and good relations.
       Frankly, all these features resemble that of real gazda who are friendly, decent, honest - not to be problems in their own homes from evil forces. Goblin? Where are you?

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