Start building a house with a bar. Rituals and traditions ..

Перший вінець  - будівництво хати. ФотоEach future owner of a private house wants in his house ruled harmony and peace that passed disasters and hardships of his house. Since ancient times, there are many rituals and customs related to the protection of the house from evil spirits, planning and luck in the new building. This especially applies to houses with wooden beams and logs, because they have ruled at the time of our ancestors. Log houses and huts of wood surrounded by legends and customs of their protection from evil spirits. Remember some of those ordinances in the construction of houses.

Most importantly - choose the right time of year to start construction. Avoid must leap year. It is best to start building houses was considered in the spring or summer. Best lay the house on Friday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Try to lay the house on Full Moon. Before laying house should be taking interest in the church calendar to find out if there are to this day a day of memory of the saints, and do not "disturb" you to their construction ... This concerned the timing of construction.


However, one important factor is the choice of location for the building of the beam. In the Slavic rites building of great importance to siting of the house. The first stage was sometimes a choice location at home, and sometimes - the selection and procurement of wood for its construction. Sometimes the plot chosen after the forest was already pre-or frame already assembled.
Not suitable for new construction from recognized smoldering burnt house. In northern regions a place to house selected by ants. Ants, along with debris from the ant hill was placed in a birch box and left it overnight on the site identified for construction. It was believed that the successful selection of places ants remained in the box and laid it to waste even added a new one. If the ants left the box - a place recognized categorically unfit for construction. A favorable location considered frame wooden house at a public place, on some improvement, but not on a hill or in valley, but not in the ravine where can be a strong wind. That - that happiness is not carried by the wind. It was considered bad to put a house in the place where the road or trail, as the road connecting his peace with the strangers, and at the level of ritual and mythological value is the beginning or continuation of the world of the dead. Put the house on the site of the former gates - a bad sign, because these gates could go people who have had a bad reputation and a curse. Strongly built in places where there was Bath, on the disputed plot of land, where human bones were found, where wild beasts tore a pet, which overturned cart.

Ритуали будівництва. ФотоHere now, when future developer already scared enough and does not know where to put his house on the small 10 hectare of land selected, we proceed to describe the start of construction - laying the first wreath frame. At the corners of the future structure of the host poured a handful of grain. If on the day morning grain is untouched, the place is well chosen. Scatter seed - a sign of an unhappy place. At a time when there existed Kharkov province, it was the custom. Scheduling under house space, the sun, secretly, that no one noticed, poured on the four corners of his small handful of rye (rye grain) in the following order: first poured a handful of rye, where is the angle the holy house (which put an icon) then where will bake, then - there, where the wall of the oven and a blank wall, and finally in the door corner, and midway between a handful of rye sometimes put a little cross of sticks. When scattered only a handful of grain that is holy corner, the house can be put in the selected location, without fear of any bad consequences, because the power of the Holy angle overcomes all hostile evil spirits!
Direct construction of the building began to install trim. In some nations it was the first crown, or crown at a later concluded floor. It was a major event in the building! To ensure the welfare of life in the future felling house owner put under him in the front corner of the coin, the wing grouse or wild ducks, in the next corner - wasp nest or dag, at St. corner - the first cod, stored master from the beginning of felling frame, under seat threshold - a handful of flour. It is a symbol of prosperity, charms, guards from evil spirits and signs of happiness and health have.

In the construction salary for a house under construction necessarily invited the priest, but after committing this act of preserving the sanctity of structure was under construction in our hands the master of the house. It is important that this work was to perform a future owner, who himself was not involved in laying the first wreath, followed by a fact that during this procedure, no one interfered with the construction process.
After the salary (binding) building work disrupted and the owner arranged for home builders abundant food. Inside the frame haired mistress brought up spread good sheepskins, laid out on her food and drink, festive dinner parties sat down circle and proceed to the meal. Great hope is the owner of the house builders. Because they invest in the first crown chanted spells against evil forces and symbolic movements axes sustained good in the future house. For this, the owner sincerely thanked them food, drink and money, called "obkladnym."
Here are some popular signs that use Slaviansky people in the construction of chambers:


  • • At the place where the lightning hit, you can not put a house.
  • • At the place where he was anthill, you can not put the house - death and disease will be among the inhabitants.
  • • When laying the foundation of the house, when it is necessary to put frankincense - for holiness, a piece of wool - for warmth and silver coin - for wealth.
  • • When building a house across the tree can not be put to the house was dead.
  • • A stove in the house to put a quarter - will be warmer.
  • • When building a house you can not use poplar wood.

The first blow with an ax on salary (first crown) should be split cod so that it fell inside the house. And that all happened on such a plan - contact the professionals!


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