Small houses for apitherapy. Treatment of sleep in the aura of bees.

Пітерапія. Лікування бджоламиFinding the man in the vicinity of bee beehive beneficial effect on human health. Note that the performance of basic life support systems of the organism under the influence of human in close contact with the colonies improved.

Widely known way Dowsing (frame, pendulum) measured the bio of individuals bee family and the family as a whole.

Сон на бджолиних уликах

Determined that the amount of bio uterus - 60 - 80 cm, drones - 60 - 70, working bees - 45 - 55 eggs - 25, larvae of bees before okuklyvanyem - 50, cells of before sealing - 60 - 70, of the family by the external wall of the hive - 35 - 45 cm (Figures vary depending on the strength of family, number and size of bees and the uterus, their condition).

This factor was used in the treatment of people. It is enough just to put a man in a aura for a few hours and the results will affect immediately.
These studies have shown a positive impact on performance sessions apitherapy cardiovascular and neurohormonal regulation of the patient. In the respiratory system revealed the effect of bronchodilators with improved performance forced breathing. Among the mechanisms of positive influence apitherapy treatments based on the patient's close contacts with the colonies are: mikrovibratsionnyy massage comes from the bee hive, negative ions are formed as a result of flying bees and flow of electric charges of hairs on the body of insects, inhalation of a mixture of honey, propolis, floral nectar out of the hive of active colonies, and possibly the interaction biofields bee colonies and humans.
For this treatment designed and built special houses. They placed beehives-couches with inhaled windows that contain patients.
This design can be made ​​accessible to the hive from the outside and inside the house. In the latter case, access to the hives occurs during sunbed for patients. This design allows not insulate the hives in winter.
Choose the thickness of the walls house for apitherapy be based on how long you intend to conduct sessions, ie only during the activity of bees or the occurrence of frost. Aura is hosted on ulei and during wintering bees.
The method is based apitherapy pa close contact patient and bee colonies can be used for physiotherapy for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and autonomic nervous systems.
Будиночки для сну на бджолиних вуликахMaterial for construction of a house choose natural:

it can be thin beams;
falshbrus (blockhouse);
Plank walls.

You can use plywood, particleboard, OSB, since these materyaly containing resins and formaldehyde.
For personal use rather build a house to stay in it lying down. But for the collective treatment need double house. Typically, this house has a lobby so that visitors can leave their belongings in it and did not disturb their sleep health. Nothing should interfere and bees. Therefore such vestibule separates the house from the area of sleep door or wall.
Our company designs and produces sets of houses for their preparation, taking into account the characteristics and size of hives of our customers.

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