Drain a country house. Septic tanks.

Каналізація заміського будинкуSooner or later the question arises in the construction of a country house: How to arrange a local sewer. There are numerous websites dedicated to this subject. However, we give the main postulates in addressing this issue, "the smell". Of course, we speak about the case when there is no central sewage system.

The decision to build a one-local plants (VOCs). Often it looks like this: sewage pipe brings waste in large tank (septic tank) where nechestoty defended and lit through the work of bacteria. Then partly cleared and settled water enters the underground drainage fields, filter wells and other engineering structures. Basically, it is - a network of buried drain pipes in the ground under which are filter fields of gravel, sand and other materials.
To calculate the parameters of the sewage works - better to turn to professional experts. However, if you DECIDE to save money, you should consider the following:

A. Obyem septic tank (reservoir) should provide advocacy obyemu dumped sewage within 3-4 weeks to transform the bacteria time to waste.

2. We recommend to separate waste from the kitchen and washing machine from sewage from toilets and bathtubs, as chemicals causing the death of bacteria in the septic tank.
3. Number of planned treatment can be determined by counters of water. After you lose in the septic tank the water is trapped in your home through the meter. To calculate the maximum discharge of water, add to the average of two or three obyemy bath. This will be the maximum load on your LOS.

4. When the laying of underground sewer pipes Remember - laying depth must be greater than the depth of freezing. Avoid direct povorrotiv pipes, use your knees to 45 degrees and a revision wells.
 5. If necessary, arrange a septic tank above the level of runoff from the house - use an intermediate tank (reservoir) which need to connect a special pump to function milling.
 6. For deep cleaning of drains recommend periodic biological additives on anaerobic bacteria.
7. To ensure the ventilation of gases sludge start a ventilation pipe connection to the duct risers. This will avoid a "shearing" water valves in the sink and toilet bowls. We recommend a ventilation duct to the roof separately from a different channel to prevent ingress of damp winters in vapor pipe and condensation and odors entering the house at the back of traction.8. Plastic septic tank - durable and waterproof, but concrete - an order of magnitude cheaper and you can equip themselves to enhance biological reactor wastewater treatment.
9. The angle of sewer pipes should be 2-3 degrees. At least and preferably not much more. It is connected to the fact that in this corner reached maximum filling tube drainage water and push the pipe sewage masymalno effective! At inclinations of large - drain water can "bypass" sewage and push them into the septic tank.
10. Dotrymytes sanitary standards! Equipped with septic tank at a distance of 15 meters from the house and wells of water.
11. To prevent contamination of ground outside the septic tank is desirable to impose gate of oily clay. Filtration fields need to arrange the direction of movement of groundwater and surface water.
Професіонали каналізаційних робіт 12. Drainage trenches consist of several branches of Length up to 20 m
13. Purified water should contain no more than 3 mg sewage sludge.
14. Look to the professionals! But check their work.
     Уровень подземных вод
Тип грунта    Глубокий (ниже 3 м)    Средний (ниже 1,5 м)    Высокий
Пески (хорошая проницаемость)    Фильтрующий колодец (диаметр 1 м)    Поля подземной фильтрации (длина оросительной сети 20-30 м)    -
(хорошая проницаемость)    Фильтрующий колодец (диаметр 1,5 м)    Поля подземной фильтрации (длина оросительной сети 30-50 м)    
Суглинки и глины (слабая проницаемость)    
-    Песчано-гравийный фильтр со сбросом очищенной воды в водоем (длина траншеи 5 м; площадь коллекторной сети 2,5 х 2 м)    Фильтрующая кассета (площадь 10-12 м2 для суглинков и 15-8 м2 для глин)
Глины (водоупорный грунт)        Фильтрующая полузаглубленная песчано-гравийная насыпь (площадь 5 м2)    Фильтрующая наземная песчано-гравийная насыпь (площадь 5-8 м2)

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