Pool in a wooden house with wooden beams

Басейн в деревяному будинку з брусуWater. One of the favorite elements of man. Man, almost all of water. Not surprisingly, everyone has their own estate, and would like to have your own pool in a wooden house with a bar. Is it covered or not covered, or warm, or without heat - but a bit of water to a hot day dive into the cool water healing, or after a bath to jump into the sea of adrenaline.
Many pool associated with a large concrete pits coated tiles. However, it is - history.

Modern Bath - an elegant design, latest technology, attractive appearance and integration into the interior of your home. If wooden house? A tree will rot? A long serve pool? This is quite urgent issues that arise before us, when we want to get this piece of water. Today there are many ways to make this dream come true. From the familiar - pour concrete bowl and decorate it with ceramic tiles, to modern engineering solutions - installation of the pool based on polymeric materials.


On the normal protection of wood that needs to be done in a wooden house we say in our website under "Protection of wood." However, when it comes to protecting wood in contact directly with water, we will focus on the specifics of its protection.
The most important thing - swimming pool in a wooden house as naturally as in the brick. Properties of wood easily absorb and easy to give excessive moisture leads to the fact that in closed basins that are in house bar is formed by condensation on the walls. This is due to the fact that the wooden walls - warmer on stone and lead to sedimentation of condensate. And all the other pros and cons of swimming pools - is common for houses with timber, and for buildings of other materials.
What we recommend for the construction of buildings, in which you are going to make a swimming pool?First of all - to protect the first crown (crown first) frame from the constant wetting arranging skirting around the perimeter of the pool. This can be pidmurovanyy shoulder with a brick or concrete and lined with decorative floor tiles. It can be wall or lining plastic pool panels on which spray will drip into the bowl pool and others.

One way to increase longevity of the room and swimming pool - use of special breeds of tropical wood resistant to moisture, or can be permanently under water. This same species as teak, Kumar, iroko, paduk, pulleys, and others. From the available types of wood can be used larch. Recall that Venice is on svayah of larch. This includes walls, concerned and ladders and decking. Wood that is constantly in contact with water treated provaryuvannyam in natural linseed oil, or soaked in creosote. This applies to oak and other svay, including building piers.

Despite the ideal properties of wood to absorb moisture and give - do not neglect the elementary ventilated rooms and swimming pool.

Басейн в інтерєрі деревяного  будинку з брусу. Смерекова хата. СхідницяIf the pool out door sauna or steam room, then after the bath procedure leaves open the door to the warm air prosushylo wall. Technologies installation of the pool are common to beloved space. However, if your intention is to buy pool size 3m * 4 m is premature to think over the way in which a solid team structure basin falls in the middle of the room. The large size of frame structures do not always allow such use Monoblochny frame with plastic. Then have to apply the technology of welding plastic items in the middle of the room. The sizes of prefabricated models may be limited only by your imagination and wallet thickness.

You should specifically mention the ink and blues for wood. Practice shows that the combined use protection - less reliable. The best option is to use special materials that are not washed with water and form within the wood resistant to dissolution of the connection. Impregnation of wood - the only guaranteed way that the maximum term of life continues wooden components of your pool. These facilities handle support piers, decks in the water column piers and wooden stairs under the water. Once the wood is treated with such means can be applied decorative coating of color or natural oils.
Swimming pool in the inner room - not only waterworks, but also a design element. Organize maximum light for him to emphasize the beauty of wood and water. Say "yes" pool in a wooden house!

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