Building stages

We will be candid. In addition to advantages over other building materials tree has several shortcomings which need to know. But the knowledge to avoid these factors is very simple.

1. The project must be made specifically for wooden structures and not recycled from the "brick" to "wooden". This takes into account  local market and feature timber, length, type of wood. with optimized amounts of waste, and therefore the cost of the project.
2. "Sedimentation" wooden structures is reduced almost to zero if used for construction previously prepared raw, dried, or laminated veneer lumber. In areas with complex architectural form jacks are used to regulate the process of "shrinkage" designs.
3. The main reason is the impact of existing warnings of weather conditions on thetimber. There are a lot of information about protection of wooden structures, which transform it into a category of reliable and durable. Qualified processing designs with modern materials continue to age your home for many generations

work on the construction of the foundationThe company can custom build as the "zero cycle" (mounting structures are in place) and carry out completion of partial or complete dismantling of unused parts of  buildings (reconstruction).





The reference collection of home construction in the factoryIn consultation with the client work to implement a "zero cycle" and a previous installation of the main wooden structures (walls) at the site of the enterprise may be performed simultaneously. This significantly reduces the construction period




Demolition of the old part of houseMounted on the building site: binding foundation compartment (wall) with installation bowls, makin holes for fastening, pediments, roof structure. At that time, preparing the basis for making structures in place.




nstallation of floor wooden house construction

After zero-cycle set of walls numbered, dismantled and transported to the place of construction, where work continues to complete fulfillment of the customer list of operations.




Installation of roof construction wooden houseAdvance preparation of construction at the construction site to reduce construction time on the Building object. Superstructure of the attic bar with a roof construction (photo) was installed on one-floor brick building

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