Front door. How to choose a door in a wooden house?

Entrance doors, how to choose steel doors, wooden houseSim-Sim open up! What doors will meet you at the threshold of a beautiful wooden house? What kind of doors to choose from the variety on the market? Which is better for a wooden door at home? To be honest, in 90% of cases plays a decisive role in choosing the door design. And only liked select those models that are as close as possible to the technical requirements. What are the basic requirements we put forward to the door designs from the standpoint of the consumer?
1. Beautiful appearance, a suitable design to the front of a wooden house.
2. The presence of at least two locks
3. The presence of an icon snowflakes on the doors of which we can not even guess.

Entrance doors, how to choose steel doorsHere, perhaps, all the knowledge we possess when buying doors. But this is only half the necessary information! There are dozens of other important characteristics of the front door, about which we do not even think. From the most frightening - the time of opening the door picks and scrap, up to the unknown - the thermal resistance between the steel plates filler leaf. Only a specialist in manufacturing doors knows all the details of the choice of entrance doors toreks.

What additionally look for when choosing doors?
  • thickness of the steel sheet of door leaf. Recommended - 2 mm;
  • sound insulating properties of the filler leaf, give preference to polystyrene, but not foam;
  • opportunity to finish natural wood, to match the type of wooden house. The most suitable door covered with laminate, MDF and natural wood;
  • provide assurance on the quality of coverage, the locks, internal components and mechanisms;
  • selection of the security door from one of four possible types. This indicator is a major integral. Safety first!
  • The door frame and hinge design should provide for the installation of external wooden casings if desired, the customer and can be fixed to the casing oscillator boards and bars (slopes). This is necessary to compensate for the shrinkage of the wooden house. It is very important for a wooden house: box must be attached to the wall without the use of foam and concrete!
  • advisable to check the seller that the installation of doors included, with the check for the installation experience in the home from a bar;
  • class of security of all doors must be the same. It makes no sense to install an armored door if in addition to her house still has the input of ordinary glass door window profile, or even worse - MDF!
  • Modern doors can contain built-in part of the electronic monitoring system;
  • Remember that you can always stick to the style at home from a bar or a log, used for this ornament stylized life-shoeing.
My home is my castle. And the fortress begins with the question: How to choose the doors to a wooden house?

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