Finishing work - we can only dream of peace.

finishing workWe have already mentioned in our articles that the construction of laminated veneer lumber has a singularity in comparison with the construction site of the traditional brick and other masonry materials. No plaster, no chalk, no construction dust and debris. Kit homes installed with little or no construction waste. For the most part - after the installation of floor and ceiling mounting - you can live. Clean and smooth walls of wooden houses from timber - may soon be commissioned. But "the taste and color - no friend!" Who is like the only kind of tree, someone wants to ceilings and plasterboard ceilings, someone decides to oblitsevat stone tiles of the wall. Therefore, finishing work - are inevitable. "Not so devil as he is painted," you say and get to work. And here we want to give a few tips on how to avoid common mistakes during the finishing work in a finished wooden house. The first erroneous statement reads: "Here, finish gluing decorative ceiling tiles and putty - then we will paint the walls of a house paints." Expert opinion: If you start to rub the fine finishing of the walls and ceilings before the walls of the house painted - you will inevitably run into the problem of subsidence fine dust from the construction of putty in the grooves of log homes. This problem can be solved using a more powerful vacuum cleaner. The worst situation would then, when it will be necessary podshlifovat log walls before painting, and fine wood dust settles on the ceiling is finished. Therefore it is better doshlifovat wooden walls, cover them with varnish, and then start sanding plaster and ceilings. However, we strongly recommend that cover the walls of the building with a protective film for the repairs, to close the wall of dust from the plaster, etc. This is a very thin, lightweight and cheap films that after the repair, you can simply throw it away.


Finishing work in a wooden house. photoSecond: Finished flooring is strongly recommended to cover the duration of the works, not only film but also a thick paper cardboard (packaging from household appliances, etc. If we use only the film, the floors are clean, but it will not save them from mechanical damage punching stones, pieces of plaster and other solid waste fractions repairs. Builders who produce finishing, will inevitably tread on them. As a result, the floor surface formed dents and scratches. does not save the situation even popokrytie thick film. Therefore, it is appropriate to cover the floors and other hard surface to avoid such defects.

The third - not least the condition of the quality of finishing work - bringing specialized organizations and teams. Seeming at first glance, the cheapness of private Ravshanov and Dzhumshut deceptive. It is advisable to involve teams that provide comprehensive services, including the use of their forests assembly, formwork, construction and other hand tools, protective films and nets. This not only simplifies maintenance, to avoid numerous trips with our own transport in building supermarkets, but also increase the speed of work. Not everyone in the household there is a builder jigsaws, mixers, grinders, etc. In recent years, many construction crews have returned from Europe with earnings. This is due to the protection of domestic labor markets by governments of EU countries. Competition in local markets provided construction services has increased, prices have gone down to work.
Fourth: the complexity of the service - a decisive factor when choosing a building and repair crews. Preference should be given to those who can and plaster and sanded wood and mount the ceilings. Very often their inability to produce quality work teams blamed on subcontractors, they are not well prepared surface, the wall is not as they gathered, they are not lined ceilings. All of this can be avoided when all finish produces a firm or a team. "To bring down - no one!"

Several of these policy recommendations, we recommend that you perform during the finishing work. Then your repairs will not turn to the second fire. The phrase "we only dream of peace" - in this case is misplaced!

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