Design of wooden houses. Ceramic Tile.

Tiles on the terraceDesign of wooden houses - this is a wooden house. What is there to say? Houses made ​​of beams without unnecessary ornaments is attractive and beautiful. It is easier to fit into the other houses in the design of the landscape.
More precisely - any landscape suited to a wooden house from a bar. So can speak only a fanatic homes - log cabins. And only an expert subtly noticed - what additional features can decorate your future home. Yes, the future, because the house is not only the walls with a roof in the room where we wash the floor with sneakers. House is the place where the soul rests. Is it possible to enjoy coming to his monastery on a piece of concrete lying on the edges lined with concrete poles from the mains? Of course not!
Here comes the all specialists who understand the beauty of the household economy and the intricacies of tiling inside a wooden house.

Stages of a wooden houseAny home starts from the porch. A couple of steps, you might think. And here and there! This is a gateway to your favorite corner. And they should look like, respectively. To a place to say, they must have a number of technical characteristics. They are: strength, frost resistance, abrasion resistance of the surface, sharshavost, curly, and the opposing surface of the corrugated sliding snow. You can even mention. However, the choice of such a tile, which can be oblitsevat stage is limited. Most will perform exactly the mission of granite tiles that meets DIN 51130 standard. Ogromnyoy popular on the European market enjoys Italian ceramic tiles for internal and external finishes of the manufacturers of solar islands that offer a traditional collection of European ceramic tile premium. Bathrooms, Finish floor levels and would look elegant Italian design with the use of glinopekov. Design, a wide range of image must fit to the structure of the stone finish, which goes so well with wooden architecture.

Design of floor tilesCeramic tiles of porcelain perfectly mimics the rare breed of stones, pebbles, rich marble flooring with a variety of gorgeous pictures, and even wood with signs of aging, natural skin. Ceramic tiles with the texture of the stone can be used to finish the fireplace (the fireplace hearth.)

Glan-not to get lost in all the variety of tiles available on the market. This will help professional designers. With them - our wooden houses will not only houses, but the pier to relax the soul.
Let us design with a wooden house! We build together!

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