Construction of wooden houses, baths with laminated profiled beam and kits for self assembly houses.

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Welcome to Enterprise DOBROBUD TM "Romashka" © - producer of wooden houses.

Model wooden houses "Jozef".Brand "Romashka" was registered in 1991. Production is organized into 2 companies are located in Drohobych Lviv region and covers 2.5 hectares. We build wooden houses, so that the wood - the only environmentally friendly material. In winter the wood will keep warm and will save on heating, in summer - you will enjoy the coolness. And at any time you get unsurpassed comfort and coziness. Environment andpracticality put wooden house to the rank of elite housing in the world because theyare the most expensive real estate.

Extensive experience producing wooden houses from glued beams and deck made ​​our company a leading regional producing houses ready for assembly. Sets consisting of bars that are manufactured with high precision with modern equipment. Quality kits allow our customers to make their own houses from glued beams.

We transform the construction of wooden buildings with ready-made kits for self assembly in an exciting observation. This is confirmed by the company since 2009 successfully implementing their projects in the EU. Demanding client now prefers production of laminated veneer lumber. Available in factory equipment allows to produce sets of varying complexity - from large houses to small architectural forms. Considerable attention is given to manufacturing and construction of baths and saunas in separate houses. Details of the production company naked you can see on our site and to discuss on the forum.

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