Plastic roof destroyed by hail!

Карболітовий дах не витримав граду

Plastic roof destroyed by hail in the summer of 2011 in Lviv. Hail was the size of an egg. Ondulin roofs also could not stand. The question "what to do roof wooden house" - narrows the range of possible answers. In our opinion, is the most practical soft roof shingles. Reliable, quiet and beautiful!


The photo - plastic roof thickness of 8 mm. He collapsed 10 minutes falling hail. Plastic is used to create transparent roofs of wooden houses.


Detailed overview of popular building material for roof roof read the article What are the best roof. Of course, there are different quality roofing, and we understand that it is impossible to change the transparent roof of slate. The main enemy number one for the roof is ultraviolet radiation (UV) which destroys the structure of transparent plastic. Different grades of polycarbonate from different manufacturers differ in the following main technical characteristics:
A. The presence of UV filters in plastic, or applying a thin layer coating containing protective agents against ultraviolet rays.
2. The thickness of the covering layer of plastic (upper outer wall) polycarbonate.
3. Height and density of structural arrangement between the two walls of polycarbonate surface area. Since this parameter depends on the constructive strength of polycarbonate sheet.

Shown in photo picture is the result of the sun, which destroyed the UV structure of plastic, and only hail finished the destructive work.
Polycarbonate has very valuable properties: it is chemically resistant to water, air, oils, many acids, different elasticity. Proper selection of properties to avoid its destruction under the sun and hail.

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