Building on their own. Useful links

Here are useful links to resources on the Internet where information can be useful in the construction of houses and cottages

All of the autonomous power of private houses, cottage, wooden houses, protective equipment wooden houses ... Independent power supplies for the houses and cottages

A modern wooden building, usually built in the private sector. An important safety issue is building its security and fire alarm installation. How to organize security wooden house know here ... Security and fire alarm. Video surveillance

Wooden houses are energy efficient. What to choose for home heating with wood? What equipment is recommended for heating sysem wooden buildings? You can find out here ... Autonomous heating system

Roof - the basis of safety and durability of wooden houses. Despite the fact that the construction and machine rounded edge is processed with a special solution, the design of the tree cover and need reliable protection from externalweather factors ... All of the roofing materials in building houses with timber readhere ... Modern roofing materials

Chemical treatment of wooden buildings, solutions for protection and decorative wood. Details, see the website ... Chemical processing of wood

Do not just paint the house and add to it new properties allow modern technologybrought to the space industry. New woodworking tools ... New technologies in dyeing

Construction of wood - a special branch. All details of the construction of woodenhouses, especially for repairs to read here ... Handbook for those who built and conducts repairs

Roofing for roof wooden houses economy class ... Roof Ondulin

Exchange of experience of those, someone builds a house with his own hands ... What we build a house worth? All of the private construction.

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