The company's products.. Wooden houses from glued beams

The main advantage of wooden houses from glued beams or cylindrical in comparison with other materials of construction are elegant appearance, economical and long term operation that secured using modern production technologies and a reliable connection logs.


What is the cost of construction per square meter wooden house or sauna?
Our company does not practice to declare the cost per square meter structure. This relates to the cost of each building is calculated based on a specific project with specific quantities of materials, complexity, category decorating ... This also - as there is no cost cars, calculated on horsepower or cubic liters engine! Getting to the structure we issue the customer with detailed documentation of materials and cost estimates for each stage of the works What to do to reduce the cost of construction costs?


Environmentally friendly building with a log or timber meets the high standards to strengthen health, have good insulating properties, so that the tree has low thermal conductivity. A wall of wood 15 cm thick has a thermal resistance as a brick wall 50 cm is why in a wooden house warm in winter and cool in summer. Wooden wall - warm to the touch and creates a feeling of thermal comfor

Heat the wooden building probably a few hours, even if it is not heated all winter.
Weight wooden construction wooden house as a whole 5 times less than the brick, so do not require building a massive base and heavy construction equipment. Thus, building with wood on average 1.3-1.5 times cheaper than the brick house. In addition, this house is resistant to parts of soft soils. (Continued...)


Wooden houses Structurally strong. Have a nice modern look and allow you to implement a bold design solutions. Suitable beam diameter 180-240 mm. A possible partial or full acquisition
    Дерев'яні будинки з клеєного та оциліндрованого брусу
    Saunas and bathhouses.
    Designing a building as a stand-alone buildings and re-built buildings (insulation, upholstery lining, installation of sun beds, plumbing works)
      Бані, сауни (ЛАЗНІ) з профільованого брусу
      Wooden gazebo and pergola
      Design and construction of recreational areas, gazebo, BBQ gazebo, open rectangular pavilions, six-and octagonal shape. Installation of bridge and pergola.
        Альтанки, перголи, качелі, малі архітектурні форми
        Production of wooden windows European technology. Trohsharovyy glued window bar. Using hardware company "Roto." High quality protective coating, wide range of colors.
          Вікна та двері для дерев'яних будинків
          Architectural Wood Products -
          Well, stylized tables and benches, swing and other products that enliven thecourt, allowing a pleasure to sit and relax in the fresh air
          Малі архектурні форми. Альтанки, Каплиці. Криниці
          Materials for construction: timber, board, bar,block-house, boards, matchedfloor,skirting,borders, window sills from the warehouse or on order.
          Погонажні вироби з дерева для деревяних будинків
          Glued laminated construction for the construction of wooden houses
            Клеєний та оциліндрований брус для монтажних конструкторів
            Oak and beech laminated with solid wood.
              Клеєний щит з твердих порід дерева

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