Glued profiled beam

In choosing the material for building houses is taken into account and that the strength of whole logs, due to its structure with layers of annual rings that make a deck collapses very slowly, layer by layer, much higher than the strength of profiled beams. However, the house with timber quite easily add the desired form: smooth surface ideal for lining the inside sheets of drywall, as well as for facing brick or siding. Logs at a price slightly superior to conventional shaped beam

Розріз клеєного брусу

Now the wall of the deck is often erected from logs with a diameter of 220 mm or 200 mm, which on the outside with a convex surface and the inside - flat.


Houses of glued brusashvydko spread despite its high cost. Monolithic beams stuck together with boards of varying thickness. Glulam significantly enhances the building. It has all the advantages of an integrated deck, but surpasses it in strength and durability, and no shrinkage.


It should be noted trend of increasing interest in the houses from glued beams in recent years. This is probably due to the fact that this bar has produced a number of companies (formerly Beams, mainly produced in Finland) and it costs two and sometimes three times cheaper than the Finnish. Also, increasing interest in the laminated board can be explained by the prospects of wider use of this material for frame construction.

Currently the most commonly used for housing Beams of thickness 220 mm. Thanks to all the joints tight adjacency structure walls minimal heat loss. Among the elite housing popular sets of houses from glued beams derived from spruce boards zavtoshky 50-70 mm.



Recently, more and more widely applied advanced manufacturing techniques of wooden houses from glued wood, devoid of most defects. Thanks to modern technology of bonding was possible to use glulam beams in almost all structural elements of a wooden house (for wall beams, rafters, ceiling beams, etc.).

Manufacturing glued wood involves removing knots and defects before gluing and selection of pieces by color and texture. This provides a high surface quality and perfect appearance. Laminated wood retains its shape and size over time, does not shrink, not twisted and bent. This is due to lack of glued wood internal stresses, as well as what she is made of pre-dried raw materials. Structures of glued wood to have 50-70% more strength compared to the whole by pasting in the beam blades with mutually opposite direction of wood fibers (annual rings).

Dates building houses from glued beams less than solid. This is because all parts are made with high accuracy at the factory at a constant temperature and humidity, assembly design house made easily and quickly, ready for installation of foundation does not exceed 5-6 weeks.

However warmed horizontal joints glued structures more complicated than in homes with traditional materials. But often profiled glued bars so tightly connected to the assembly that there is no need to put insulation in the grooves between them. And the profile bars is calculated so that rainwater does not fall between them, which protects the design from the emergence of pockets of decay.

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