Projects wooden houses from glued profiled beam. Price.

This category is selected projects and models of buildings constructed which carried the price calculation and a complete set. In the description of the model include photo-imaging of different views, plans, sections, to get a complete picture of the project - a model. At the request of registered users online we will send pricing of one of complete sets of the house. Price building is listed with the date of formation and serves to the customer in order zoriyentuvasya forming a transparent budget and saw how house price is formed.

Recently, more and more we see the Projects, ie pictures, no nothing like drawings made by designers who are engaged in a planning issue in engineering instead of AR. All such pictures are copied from the Internet, drawn by hand, have a similar appearance, with no axes nor the names of the walls, but the distance between the walls and square rooms. Thus the thickness of the walls does not match reality, materials, depicted by hatching is not true. That's nachnaetsya building a house. The desire to save the customer and leads to the fact that there are projects. Decisions about the quality of the project takes the customer himself. We, in turn, create documents that include all the source data that even untrained personnel can collect designer of our house.
We have a rule that any project should be built in 3D computer models, automated system carries out a preliminary calculation of the necessary amounts of materials. And only then we create razbrevnovki walls and lines making schemes, price formed a wooden house. This approach provides accurate estimates and minimize calculation errors assembling wooden house to zero.

Wooden house project D-22 Joseph base. Price.
Project house from glued profiled beam. Loza D-10
The project of building a bar "Ivan" D-17. Price.
Model building with timber "Antonie"
Project wooden house with a bar "Gorec". Model D-09. Price.
Project building with timber "Leon". Model D-25. Price.
Project building with timber "Ispan". Model D-18 Price.
Project house from glued profiled beam. Stephanie D-30
Project house glued profiled beam. Nadja D-36
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