Protection of wood and wooden house details.

The natural beauty of wood is exposed to natural hazards. Therefore, the protection of wood - this is the number one issue that should decide the owner of a wooden house. Details of construction of wooden houses need to be protected, since this material is a natural, natural, and therefore subject to various harmful factors.
Among the first measures to protect the house, we should consider the protection of wood against moisture. Rain, snow, fog, condensation, high humidity, frost and thaw - it causes on which the tree appear fungi, bacteria and putrid insects drevotochtsy. All of them are detrimental affect on the timber, and do it differently, so there is no single remedy to all diseases of wood.
In contrast to the mold that grows on the surface of the wooden parts, rot goes deep into the wood structure, and as a result of destroying the elasticity of the timber.
The most dangerous mold is the white fungus. On the surface it looks like a plain, white mold, and to distinguish it simple mold is very difficult. And if time does not protect the wood from the white fungus, such a pest destroys a month to four centimeters of wood.
As for insects, the most damage causing tree-beetle wood carpenter, mountain beetle. They bore holes in wooden structures, which not only violate the tree structure, but also become the cause of the rapid appearance of decay.
In this section we look at ways and means to protect the wooden houses from the destructive factors

Захисні властивості деревини

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Продовжуючи обговорювати властивості дерева як будівельного матеріалу слід описати його характеристики , які існують без застосовування антисептиків. Це природні властивості деревини опиратися зовнішнім шкідникам.


Класифікація загрози дереву з боку біотичних шкідників в Європі 



Природна опірність деяких відомих
  порід деревини руйнівним властивостям   грибів



Класи довговічності 1 - 5 є відносними, тобто використовуються тільки для взаємного порівняння довговічності окремих видів дерева. Класи довговічності відносяться тільки до ядра стовбура дерева або внутрішньо зрілому дереву.

Зовнішня заболонна деревина  всіх листяних (L) і хвойних (J) дерев включається в 5 клас «нетривких», якщо відсутні інші дані.


Класс угрозы дереву

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Treatment of wooden house with a bar outside

farbConsider the problems that we pursue, choosing paint for wooden houses. Everyone wants to be beautiful, durable, reliable and cheap.
Choose a good cover for a wooden house in a log house from the standpoint of biochemical processes can be translated into the language of techies like this:

1. Create a thin-layer film on the wood that is breathable and the tree will be able to "breathe"
2. Write on the wood surface protection layer, which does not pass water from rainfall and climate will prevent the construction of the house from a bar from the water.
3. Write protection for parts of the timber, which will prevent the tree structure from ultraviolet rays, mildew and mold.
4. Protect the wood from possible ignition.
5. Ensure that the protective layer coating pigments make a beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

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Wood protection

Protection of wood, finished parts from glued profiled beam construction and wooden buildings from decay, insects and fire losses


There are a number of constructive steps to prevent rotting of wood - its isolation from soil, masonry, concrete, wood ventilation device structures, protection from precipitation coating or waterproofing materials. But these measures may not always fully protect the wood from moisture and there is a need in the treatment of wood materials and products antiseptic. There are a number of constructive steps to prevent rotting of wood-its isolation from soil, masonry, concrete, provitryuvannyaderev'yanyh device structures, protection from precipitation coating paints, varnishes and waterproofing materials. But these measures may not always fully protect the wood from moisture and there is a need to protect wooden materials and antiseptic products.


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Tips to help protect the building from by agreement fungus

Дмовий грибок. ФотоFor wooden house-building experiences fungus (mushroom sprite, white tinder, Hulled mushroom) - the worst that can happen, not counting the fire. In the last century affected fungus home - burned!
If the fungus was still in your house, then its destruction rekomnduetsya apply solutions of some inorganic salts on the water. You can apply for this purpose a mixture of iron and copper sulfate. To prepare this solution sulphate in 3 liters of hot water dissolve 150 g of each substance and the resulting hot solution by spray or brush applied to the affected wood fungus and adjacent healthy areas of the wooden parts of the house. 20-30 process is repeated for fixing results.

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Tips to help protect the building from the beetle bark beetles

Жучек древоточец. Фото.If the wooden building parts, or floor, or in wooden walls was a small round hole, and down underneath or on the edges formed a handful of flour, it means - in the house settled bugs, bark beetles. It also means that you fail to protect parts of your home by means of bugs. Sometimes the larvae penetrate very deeply into the wood, while drilling flour fills in and it formed wormhole. What you need to know to protect the house from bark beetles bug?

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