Treatment of wooden house with a bar outside

farbConsider the problems that we pursue, choosing paint for wooden houses. Everyone wants to be beautiful, durable, reliable and cheap.
Choose a good cover for a wooden house in a log house from the standpoint of biochemical processes can be translated into the language of techies like this:

1. Create a thin-layer film on the wood that is breathable and the tree will be able to "breathe"
2. Write on the wood surface protection layer, which does not pass water from rainfall and climate will prevent the construction of the house from a bar from the water.
3. Write protection for parts of the timber, which will prevent the tree structure from ultraviolet rays, mildew and mold.
4. Protect the wood from possible ignition.
5. Ensure that the protective layer coating pigments make a beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

In modern building hypermarkets, we can find a huge number of chemical agents that solve all these problems simultaneously in a single application of funds.
But at the core of wood protection from external factors are such treatments, which by way of mutually contradictory.
To protect the wooden parts of the fungus and mold antisepktik must penetrate the full depth into the details. This means that the formation of film on the surface of the structure in this case - not very desirable! Antiseptic solution must have a high fluidity and penetration capability.
Similar properties should possess and fire staff - most deeply penetrate into the timber and leave in salt solutions, which prevent combustion and oxidation of wood.
Quite the opposite situation with UV filters, pigments and water-repellent properties. These components must be located in a layer of thin film on the surface of the wooden parts.
How to be?! The conclusion is clear - it is impossible to give a one-stop all the desirable properties of the chemical compositions of woodworking.
And the processing sequence of parts of the timber shall be such as:
1. antiseptic
2. retardant
3. UV filter
4. Coloring pigment

According to the method of application and exposure to wood processing the first two can be combined into one operation. Similarly, we can combine and the remaining two chemical processing timber.
We recommend the universal means of bio-heat protection and paint with UV filters.
The technology they use allows to achieve all the objectives stated at the outset.
It is worth noting that we recommend using paints for wood, water-based. The same can be said of the fire-bio defense. It is better to use

Water-soluble salts of chemical mixtures. This allows you to save money and to build a wooden house. Ready to use in their Chemical Processing  costs include 50% of the cost of storage and transportation of container and water, which is 95% by weight of chemical agents.

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