Tips to help protect the building from the beetle bark beetles

Жучек древоточец. Фото.If the wooden building parts, or floor, or in wooden walls was a small round hole, and down underneath or on the edges formed a handful of flour, it means - in the house settled bugs, bark beetles. It also means that you fail to protect parts of your home by means of bugs. Sometimes the larvae penetrate very deeply into the wood, while drilling flour fills in and it formed wormhole. What you need to know to protect the house from bark beetles bug?
Личинка жучка древоточцаBug is very small - less than a match head, brown. It is also called wood-borer-anobiumom, anobiumy spend all their time in trees, paving new roads and new.
Get rid of the bug will only chemical treatment.
Such chemicals as "DDT" or hexachloran - can not penetrate the thick wood, and bark beetles are beetles and are inaccessible to the poison. If these chemicals dissolved in turpentine or kerosene, then this solution will be fatal for the beetle bark beetles.
If beetles are deep in their moves, they will die from the deadly to beetles and larvae of gas that is formed during evaporation of toxic chemicals.

When processing the affected parts of the timber and wood structures solutions you can use a large syringe with a needle. It allows you to deeply infuse solution of poison into the cavity of the channel that bugs worked bark beetles.

With strong infection, when the holes are located close to each other very much, they should be richly saturated liquid two or three times, with a break for a month.


Here are some folk remedies for bopby of bugs:
1. turpentine
2. Solvent mixed with naphthalene (70% and 30%)
3. Solvent mixed with tar (70% and 30%)
4. Turpentine mixed with carbolic black.
5. Mixture composed of 4 parts of turpentine, 1 part of kerosene, a small amount of naphthalene
Such mixtures are well penetrate into the wood and strike quickly when exposed bugs or their vapors.


But better to prevent this pest. For prevention of bugs bark beetles is doing the following procedure:

  • Ventilate the room, to avoid stagnation of air.
  • Wiping furniture with the use of disinfectants (monohloramin)
  • Wash hardwood floors mastics containing turpentine.
  • Timely painting and polishing floors

Жучок дуже маленький - менше сірникової голівки, коричневого кольору. Його ще називають шашіль-анобіумом, анобіуми проводять весь свій час в дереві, прокладаючи нові і нові дороги.
Позбутися від жучка допоможе тільки хімічна обробка.
Такі хімічні засоби як "ДДТ" або гексахлоран - не можуть проникнути в товщу деревини, а що знаходяться глибоко шашелі виявляються недосяжними для. Якщо ці хімікати розчинити в скипидарі або в гасі, то цей розчин буде смертельним для деревоточця.

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