Tips to help protect the building from by agreement fungus

Дмовий грибок. ФотоFor wooden house-building experiences fungus (mushroom sprite, white tinder, Hulled mushroom) - the worst that can happen, not counting the fire. In the last century affected fungus home - burned!
If the fungus was still in your house, then its destruction rekomnduetsya apply solutions of some inorganic salts on the water. You can apply for this purpose a mixture of iron and copper sulfate. To prepare this solution sulphate in 3 liters of hot water dissolve 150 g of each substance and the resulting hot solution by spray or brush applied to the affected wood fungus and adjacent healthy areas of the wooden parts of the house. 20-30 process is repeated for fixing results.

Recommended solution to add clay as naponitel to obtain a viscous mass, which coat drevyana products. Such processing is reminiscent of whitewash trees and more effective.

To combat the housing fungus can be used as aqueous solutions only copper sulfate (100 g per 1 liter of water) or only iron sulfate (150 g per 1 liter of water). However, the effect of such solutions is much weaker than combined. Also effective mixture pentahlorfenolyata sodium boric acid and soda ash.
The wooden parts of the house-building timber often affects fungus. As a rule, suffer the most part those who continuously humidified and at the same time, poorly ventilated. The appearance of a house fungus easily detected: first, you may notice white vatoobraznye accumulation of thin filaments, over time they turn into films with a silver sheen. Struck wood fungus rapidly loses strength, becomes dark, cracked. If not immediately take appropriate measures fungus for 5-6 months can completely destroy the wooden house parts, logs, etc.
The above recommendations are based on the simple didovskyh ways. In modern building supermarkets you can find many ready-made solutions to combat the fungus.

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