Design wooden house drunk. Curtain.

Дизайн штор в деревяному будинкуA wooden house, the smell of pine, warm to touch the wall, fresh air, a sense of the mysterious past - all these thoughts fill the soul of the lucky owners of new homes built. Overwhelming desire to share this joy with friends and family there from the moment when the log walk out the door of the bar. The style wooden houses do not want to disrupt the implementation of urban furniture, plastic tables and chandeliers in the high-tech style. Everything must be in harmony with nature, with natural wood furnishings, and shall comply with the era when all the houses were built of wood.

Штори в деревяному будинку. ФотоThis particular design style, a special sense of proportion in the formation of interior wooden house. Forged items, natural furniture, curtains of linen or burlap-styled nothing should disturb the canons of style wooden house. But does this mean that all the rooms should look the same? Of course not! A combination of several different textures makes a certain variety in the interior and allows you to create sophisticated composites and design solutions. Excellent complementary dark wood and light stucco, brick, or elements of masonry and white gypsum paste between the beams in the ceiling tile tiles on the stove, and massive wooden pillars around the fireplace. Each room can be given for the peculiar style of its owner without breaking the tradition of wooden architecture.

Штори в  будинку з брусу. ФотоOne of the largest interior wooden house are curtains. And there is no better option than to find and buy blinds online. If they do not integrate harmoniously with the interior - the house will lose one charm, which we wrote about earlier. In addition the curtains in a wooden house not only the role played decor, but also assume the function of sound insulation, which is so important in the home from a bar. Here, perhaps, the most important feature of the decoration of the wooden house is a rule that relief should not be timbered walls blend with the curtains. The most appropriate solution is the tone: dark curtains (walnut, chocolate) and a light beam of the wall. Or the opposite - light linen curtains on the background of brown walls. They emphasize the contrasting beauty of each other.

Штори. Дизайн будинку з бруса. Фото. You can write a lot of design decisions, but as they say: better to see once than hear a hundred times!
For a country house more likely to use country-style interiors. Designed in a retro fit for summer cottages. No stranger to the wooden house and the style of the colonial era, according to which, and selected furniture. For a retro-style suit artificially aged dressers, sideboards. For a country music style is characterized by stylized chopped "rustic" furniture in the form of benches and tables and lots of handmade wooden shelves.
The best source of advice when choosing curtains is, of course, a designer! Only he is able to seamlessly connect the appearance of walls, furniture and curtains so that they seemed a complete song, not a motley bunch of copies of the pictures online!


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