Landscape design. Create a story around the house.

Ландшафтний дизайн навколо деревяного будинку. ФотоGeorgian proverb says about the birth of children: One son - is not the son! Two sons - that's half a son, and three sons - one son is! So in a wooden house-building: to build a house - a half-case. A wooden house among his fellow stone will look ugly if you do not organize around the house is characteristic of log cabins and cottages designed landscape. This is a compound word denotes a particular individual natural territorial complex, unique in its kind and it is typical for this geographical location on the map. Simply put - it is their own individual territory under its sharpened wooden house in his extraordinary, fabulous style.

Проектування ландшафту. фотоThe history of landscape design takes from the distant 19th century and has today become a modern industry arrangement of human habitation. Even on an intuitive level, it is clear that the arrangement of the area around a wooden house has its own characteristics. This should be taken into account when designing the house and its construction. It so happened that the landscape has become "a system of methods of representation, structuring and symbolize the environment" of the individual. He embodies the character of the house owner, his aspiration to remake nature, "by itself". All these details are included in the landscape design.

Проект ландшафту. ФотоWhat features of town and country planning must take into account the construction of a wooden house, or what features of landscape design, we must implement around the home of your dreams? What to do when the land has an irregular shape? These issues are solved with the help of a competent landscape design.

Here are some features that can not be ignored when running landscape design:
1. When organizing a decorative pond, as the coast is better to use wood instead of concrete pile foundations.
2. Arbour must be done in the same style of the house. Not to be combined arched wrought-iron construction and a log house. It is better to use a combination of timber construction gazebos and some forged items.

Планування ділянки ландшафтне. Фото3. Garden paths may be made with sawn logs and trunks. Organically fit into the design of cobbled stone paths.
4. Supports for climbing shrubs with large branches without wane nice comparison with metal stand. But they - not durable
5. Avoid planting vines at the walls of a wooden house! Wood not stand the countries parasitic vines.
6. Popular Today "wild gardens", which is dominated by natural materials: chopped raw stones, boulders, wood spyly, dried prickly, wild roses entwine fence. Originality of the style dictated by antiquity wooden house building.
7. Prefer paved area push the stone, not concrete FEMam (figured elements of paving).
8. Note that the soil under pine trees on its structure is different from the soil for deciduous shrubs. So import car soils should be planned before, not after you are equipped with lawns and organized "hedges."

Деревяний будинок та ландшафт9. Plan of water supply and land on the stage of foundation work when building a house.
10. Place the pools and ponds on a slope areas below the base to protect it from wet through the soil.
11. Wooden elements of landscape design must be pre-treated with preservatives (see protection of wood).
12. To forget nothing when designing sites near the recall of what constitutes landscape design:

Conceptual design, created on the basis of drawings and notes of the customer;
General plan of the site;
Plan vertical layout (of relief) with the height of buildings, LFA and green spaces;
Plan of earthworks at the site;
dendrology planning;
Plan allocation of landing pits with dimensions (planting plan drawings);
Scheme of the drainage system if required by the structure of soil and groundwater level;
Figure utilities water supply, irrigation and irrigation;
Project lighting plot;
Plan-circuit paths and a rigid cover;
Schemes of arrangement and flower beds;
Sketches, diagrams and visualization of the compositions;
The project hydraulic structures (pools, streams, waterfalls and ponds);
List of planting material

Проект ділянки ландшафтний. Фото

Improperly organized work in time lead to a situation that will require transplanting plants, additional excavation and waste of finances.

We could talk for hours about the design of the landscape. But this is a huge topic. Well versed in it polgotovlennye professionals and specialized firms. We do not just go back to our site to this topic tnteresnoy, to build a story around your house!

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