Door locks. Spies through the keyhole.

Замок в двері. ФотоPeep through the keyhole - not good. And for some time now it is not possible, because construction of castles in the last 100 lei has undergone significant changes. Urban design and new technologies have done their job - and the massive iron bars sunk into oblivion along with the granary locks. Is this true? In most cases, both. And, just because the wooden construction is going through reincarnation, reviving traditions and customs of the construction of log cabins - continue to delight the eye forged handles on the doors of wooden houses, massive iron door retention, and, of course - the locks. On the door locks can talk a lot. Electronic, on consoles, with scanning eyes, voice controlled - even hard to imagine what a great variety of these clever devices. In this article we will talk about locks and handles, which are most suited to the wooden house. Round logs, profiled shape of the tree, the natural structure of the coatings require compliance with the design and content. Врізний замок-засувка. ФотоIt is difficult to imagine a castle with a fingerprint scan of the house where the doors are hung on wrought iron hinges. then you need a special approach. It all depends on your budget! Say at once that the conversation goes on the front door - is a serious issue and requires a separate discussion. Can be forged and hide elements of electronic systems. Consider a few key points when choosing a lock for the door in a wooden house. Specifically, we repeated these words, so as not to forget the requirements of the lock and door handles, and so have an idea to which we select an object handle and lock.

Найпростіші замки для дверей.1. When buying a lock, we need to know the following important parameters: the thickness of the door leaf, the need for closing the key to one of the parties. Type of door: on the porch ("quarter", "baffle", etc.) The thickness of the castle played a decisive role. Insert the mechanism may be too thick, which is incompatible with a thin door leaf.

2. If you do not have special tools (hand electric milling machine), and requirements for power door system does not extend - think about purchasing simple mechanisms. Technological holes for them can be made ​​using cylindrical cutter and ordinary drill. This is the simplest way to insert into the door leaf locks. They do not have a primary locking functions, and serve as a latch to lock the doors. As a rule - a one-way locks. The bilateral devices is their inability to open inside the room without a key.

Ковані ручки для замків. Фото3. If the lock mechanism has a large size, the chisel can not do here! Requires power tools with the mills and skills. Having no experience in inserting locks - you can easily damage the door. In this case it is necessary to turn to professional specialists, or buying ready-made doors with technological holes.

4. The height of the lock frame should be such that the handle is at the height of 90-100 cm.

5. For doors of the composite board in wooden frames that are mounted on the iron curtain length - we recommend forged handles. Lock mechanism must provide for attachment of handles. Typically, these locks and handles are supplied with log homes from wild-stylized antique.

6. Note, that the rotary lock mechanism can be reconfigured on the type of door opening "left" and "right."

Шпінгалет. Фото7. Mortise locks for internal doors installed in the event that there is a need to lock them both outside and inside. Residential locks installed on doors, must meet the stability of a class not lower than II.

Eight. There is another type of locking mechanism, called latches and bolts. In contrast to the above devices are used on the doors of bathrooms, toilets. First of all, they are used for the double doors and are used to commit one of the valves. They were cut into top and bottom of the door leaf and the second part is located respectively on the top of the door frame or door.

9. Always adjust the quality of the lock with the quality and format of the door! It makes no sense to install the lock cost $ 300 at the door $ 100!

10. For those who want to learn in detail about the mechanisms of locks present a short list of the types of locking mechanisms. You always have the opportunity to find online articles about such voluminous locks: Hinged, suvaldnye, cylinder, disc, soft, code, pump-action lock, safety deposit box, rack, overhead, locks, etc.

As you can see, modern door locks are not intended for spying through the keyhole, but are striking element of the design of wooden houses.

In conclusion, we represent a classification according to GOST locks in the figure.

Класифікація замків за ГОСТ

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