Where to buy antiseptic for wood?

Антисептики для дерева ФотоIt would seem that it's easy in today's world saturated with advertising on the Internet to buy a wood preservative. Just type in Google posikovuyu phrase "buy an antiseptic," and we will get a million results with a list of brands and stores thousands of consultations on the manufacturer of the unique properties of antiseptics. But as they say: Every sandpiper praises its swamp. Each manufacturer can prove to you that the best product for protecting wood than their product - do not exist. And what to do in the abundance of color pictures of attacking us from the pages of advertising media? Construction is full of ads with an excess of such information.
Read More But we are more interested in what to say about someone who has built an antiseptic and already operates a wooden house or someone who builds a home and not in advertising knows about all the intricacies of this important product for a wooden house.

Protecting wood from rotting antiseptics - the most discussed topic among those who planned to build a wooden house, and there are dozens of types of wood products, which are necessary to protect against rot and fungi. This is a wooden park benches, gazebos, docks, fences, piles of earth slides rails, trails of chopped wood decks and terraces. All these products are subject to constant moisture and humidity. Protecting them from harmful external factors determine their practical use.

As we mentioned in our article: we practice the use of semi-finished products for the manufacture of antiseptics. For the most part - a water-soluble salts, and combinations thereof. Preparation of antiseptic solution on-site production work will benefit not only financially, but in practice, when you do not need to store hundreds of liters of fluid in the warehouse.

Unfortunately, the building demonstrates the benefits of one-sided advertising different types of antiseptics, and sometimes puts one in a series of decorative coatings with protective impregnation.

We take the liberty to include and not for the sake of advertising, but for the sake of principle, the review of some of the most popular designs in our region, antiseptics, do not pre-empt, and based only on what we find in the search on the Internet. Of course it is difficult to compare the grout with a dry powder, but we will try to unify these two different products. Here is a list of the brands that were listed in the top ten Google results for "buy a preservative for wood." Without naming the sites that have given us this building is a short description of the advertising of these products and normalize the price of an equivalent: the U.S. dollar, so that the phrase "buy a cheap preservative" is easily interpreted by you.

Title antiseptic pages without correction

The specified volume



Биотекс Стандарт -

10 л


 It is recommended to protect the log, sawn and planed wood surfaces for exterior and interior work, such as wooden facades, doors, window frames, fences, balcony niches rooms were hung with paneling and other new or previously treated wood protective agents. Allows you to extend the life of the wood, to keep its natural texture and bring a decorative effect.
Apply two coats of

Антисептик Биотекс грунт



 Clear the ground with a high penetrating power for priming wood surfaces before using Bioteks, ca-RASCO oil paints, alkyd enamels, alkyd varnish with on-ruzhnyh and domestic work. Designed to protect the wood against blue stain, mildew, mold, algae and insects.
Do not use as a separate coverage.

Тиккурила Винха Vinha



 Opaque antiseptic designed for both new and previously treated with an antiseptic wood surfaces, sawn and planed surfaces, as well as pressure-impregnated wood according to the instructions. Thanks to its excellent opacity, especially suitable for demanding repair surfaces treated with an antiseptic before. With the help of paint, the antiseptic surface previously painted with antiseptic dark color can be repainted in bright colors. Do not use for painting floors.

Антисептик БОРАМОН С30 концентрат,


 Impregnation of wood: brownies and protects against mold, algae, bacteria and insect larvae - Technical wood pests. Significantly increases the biological stability of the elements of wooden constructions. Included in constant connection with the wood does not increase the degree of flammability.

Valtti Color Satin* Tikkurila, (Тиксотропная пропитка морилка)


 External logs, sawn and planed wood surfaces, various kinds of wooden boards, as well as pressure impregnated wood. Do not use for treatment of horizontal surfaces exposed to the strong influence of water (open terraces, railings). Not suitable for processing inside the greenhouses. Not recommended for indoor use without further a finishing varnish. Do not use for other purposes or in accordance with instructions for use. Objects used for treatment of external walls, doors, fences, garden furniture and other untreated or treated with an antiseptic before the wooden structures.

Pinotex Base Пинотекс Бейз



 Colourless varnish for protection derevesiny from mold, blue stain and rot. Excellent adhesion between the wood surface and the coating. Substance Alkyd Resin. Solvent White Spirit

Belinka Base (Белинка База)



colorless, deep penetrating primer designed for the preventive protection of wood against biological damage. Contains biocides to protect wood from fungi, blue stain and insect pests.

Пинотекс Дорз энд Виндоуз



for decorative wood trim. Contains active ingredients to protect the wood from mold, blue and climatic influences. Part of the product increases the stability of the UV filter coating surface to UV radiation.

Антисептик Колорит (Facade Wood Finish)


цена не


 Translucent antiseptic toned exterior wood surfaces. It contains protective substances against rotting, blue and mold. Emphasizes the natural wood pattern.
The tool is designed to handle new or previously-treated drevozaschitnim tool log, sawn and planed wood surfaces, as well as all kinds of wooden slabs outside of buildings, according to the instructions.
It is recommended for wooden facades, fences, doors, windows, garden furniture, wooden flooring, etc.
Can not be used for treatment of internal surfaces of greenhouses.

Антисептическое средство для обработки древесины

c формулой BIACTIV


не указан


directly protects the wood from damage by insects and fungi, prevents reinfection, providing an active force within the timber. Protect up to 10 years. The product is colorless, does not stain the wood, quickly visihaet.Retseptura based emulsion of linseed oil, no smell, is harmless for the user and the environment.

Антисептик для древесины ТАМАК-3 (внутренний)

обьем не указан


Do not volatile, non-flammable, virtually odorless. It penetrates into the wood moisture content of 40-50%, without reducing its strength. Slightly corroded metals. It is not a special hazard to warm-blooded animals. Antiseptic properties can lose contact with lime, chalk, plaster and cement. (Applicable only for interior use)

Антисептик для промежуточной защиты Neomid 46 Bio

Концентрат: 1:19

5 л.


to protect the wood for the period of transportation, storage and distribution.

Антисептик для бань и саун Neomid 200


to protect the timber during transport, storage and assembly.

Антижук Neomid 100

обьем не указан


o protect the wood inside the baths and saunas (including shelves and benches).
We did not delve into the found pages, and just brought the information without distortion in the first three columns of the table. But such information would not be complete and no interest if you do not specify marked advertisement in the construction characteristics of antiseptics. So we added a fourth major column "antiseptic properties of wood from the pages of description of goods on the site.
It is important to understand that in many respects a list of issue ads depends on how many different companies invest money in promoting their online resources. So talk about obektvnosti popularity data antiseptics is not necessary. And we must remember in future reviews of brands and wrongly not included in the results of search engines.
Where to buy antiseptic for wood - you decide. But always check information from different sources.

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