Unique wooden buildings and facilities

Уникальные дома. Фото.Hut on chicken legs, house goblin, hobgoblin shelter and other fairy houses from early childhood attention is drawn to her genuine mystery and fascination. This is the first architecture, which leave a trace in memory, along with fantastic stories. So much to talk about the construction of the tree and say a few words about these homes - would be a crime.

Scattered around the world are unique in their design houses out of wood. Often they become platforms for filming and the objects of pilgrimage for tourists, as it happened, for example, home of the famous hobbit from the Lord of the Rings.
The use of whole trees with crowns in the design of the house, roughly trimmed pillars, is not withdrawn before the end of the core - all create an impression in our wilderness.

Very few companies are professionally engaged in the construction of such facilities. Most are engaged in private craftsmen. Unique wooden houses are not to stay, as well as expensive and unique design element. The demand for such products is not great, but work on the creation and design of structures - very expensive. And the design is difficult to call. The construction of such forms is, as they say, "on the fly", depending on the available material. Only a professional technician can be seen in driftwood, or a branch element of future construction.
The word "unique" in this kind of architecture fits in quite handy. Create these two works - it is impossible.
There is a rare but interesting profession - arboskulptor that for certain geometric shapes intertwines several trunks of trees. It uses a special metal frame to make a given shape trunks and roots.

Unique homes and buildings. Photo.One of the founders arboarhitektury Vichula Arthur (1868-1941) invented a way in which using a particular technology can "build" walls and houses of the living trees that will grow with the construction. The photo shows the gazebo of the figs are not built and grown. The whole design is fully alive and growing. Columns - are woven in a special way of the young shoots, and they are completely healed, and continue to grow in the crown.
Human Imagination - unlimited! Other works of art can be found in the gallery of unique buildings.

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