Chinese door or "Never say never!"

China's doorYou've seen videos of how to use a chisel, ax or chisel break the door in 10 minutes? You've heard the story about how Chinese products flooded the markets of Europe and America continue to capture the market? Yes, China has opened a window to Europe. Here are all silent as easy to manage a well-known Chinese product is easy to flood the shelves of demanding European customers? Here and there is no secret: Each product has a buyer. Chinese goods - is no exception.

For some measure of value is the manufacturer, for someone - the price, but who simply loves the eastern culture, and without hesitation to buy goods produced in the greatest country in the world.
Much can be said about the very low wages in China, we can argue about what China is the world's largest producer of the metal, the biggest growth of the economy and other characteristic features of the Chinese sphere of production. But by and large - it does not interest us. In any country, among the producers of goods have their own leaders and outsiders. An example of this legendary Lada and Space Station Union. Why abandon the space-based technologies because of the same country has the auto industry, which stood in the last century?

All this applies to the doors. Cheap, beautiful, in a huge assortment and affordable. It's no secret that we buy what we bring sellers. And you are asked if they could bring an expensive front door? Course? But it will cost more! So, it turns out, there is no secret of cheapness. Simply select the product for its intended purpose and quality! China's door - the door is made at a factory in China, not in the basement of a provincial town by Chinese immigrants, illegal immigrants! And the pictures for "Chinese door" does not always show imeeno those goods on which you count. This is the "merit" Sellers! We must choose the right product. Do not insert the door of China's entry into the house, if they are intended as office wall!

There are categories of doors Elite (Series A and B). And the technology of their manufacture involves a four weatherproof coating consisting of a layer of primer, paint, and protective treatments. There are doors coated with paint and a hammer veneered on the inside.

A reliability? - You ask. Select the correct lock for the door and you solve the problem of reliability, spend time prevention mechanisms - and you do not have any problems with the repair. A collapse of sentimental footage on the Internet, leave the doors to those who can not sell its doors due to high prices and chose the path of diskriditatsii competitive goods. No one in today's conditions will not batter the door with a knife grinder and a hammer to break into your house! To do this, there are other means which are not devoted to the description of the site.

Here are some characteristics of the Chinese middle class doors:

  • door leaf thickness of 90 mm;
  • four hidden canopy;
  • door frame is solid with casing;
  • a system of safe shelters;
  • Double seal;
  • the threshold of stainless steel;
  • additional lock;
  • Castle Crab with six locking points;
  • Pen with LED backlight;
  • peephole.

Add to this description of a reasonable price, and you almost have agreed to buy the door of China. China's door with such characteristics in the market will cost you 320-350 dollars. Never say never, if you are talking about Chinese goods!

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