What weeping larch? Building on larch.

Про що плаче модрина?What weeping larch? That's how we named our brief article about the features of wooden houses with larch and pine. Why cry? And because, exactly crying. Other best word here and pick up. On the many virtues of larch and pine trees we have mentioned in articles about the properties of wood. We have in mind - high in natural resins that make, wood of these trees are less susceptible to rot, mold and beetle - bark beetles. But every medal has two sides. It is this dignity - is both a disadvantage.

Смола на профільованому брусі
First - the cost of treatment for woodworking machines of wood than for spruce. This is due to the fact that the presence of the thick tree cavities with resin (resin) leads to a substantial increase in resistance mills and cutting tools. Mills just stick to the resin layers of wood, and at high speeds it results in burning the top layer of the treated surface. Rotational speed mills falls. To avoid failure of machine tools, milling in the processing of periodically cleaning the scum resin special chemical composition. Then again, continuing the cycle of processing on the machines. This increases cost and reduces the rate of production of parts in comparison with products from hardwood trees or ordinary spruce.

Выделение смолы на срезе брусаFor this reason, try not to use siding with larch and pine in saunas and steam, where the high temperature resin sinuses begin to flow streams of resin. This significantly deteriorates the appearance of the lining.

Worse situation is when there is a finished and painted on the walls of the house begin to appear struyky resin. They tend to darken over time and leave a dark indelible stains on the walls. Everything that we talked about the larch can be said about pine. Use of dried wood drying chambers partially allows to get rid of resin. Cut parts of the resin pieces with blades in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber - more radical solution to get rid of the drawbacks of wood. In practice - completely remove the causes of larch resin - impossible! How to deal with secretions resin wall framings - read our articles.
For those who appreciate the durability of wooden buildings and is ready to accept the fact that larch "crying" - the allocation of pitches on which no reason need to abandon the wood in construction. Suffice it to remember that Venice "is" on piles of larch!

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