Salary - binding log or the first row of wooden houses

In our articles about the rituals and traditions of wooden houses, we have already talked about how our ancestors were serious about laying the first wreath. It used to be called a salary or tie. Tying - the basis of the house. On how it is laid will depend on how the house will be built. Is very important to mark the corners and diagonally to the house has not turned a scythe. This is to base the design and further slight roof.
In the last century, not all builders poured foundations for a wooden house. Limited bedding clay and laid oak salary (first row) right on this ground of clay. Used for this purpose and larch, which is durable and is not afraid of water. In modern building frame is mounted on the foundation. The question of reliability strapping - is no less important. Therefore, let us recall some postulate ka correctly put the first crown (salary) for his long service.
Оклад. Обвязка. Первый венец1. Necessary to carry out a chemical treatment to prevent his salary decay and spoilage bugs - carpenter. When choosing the method of application of wood protection, we recommend to use the crown for the first infiltration. For subsequent crowns can be used applying the solution with a brush.
2. Because the binding is not always face to drain rain water - to protect it from moisture from rain. To do this, use a metal can flow. They prevent the spreading of water between the salary and the second crown.
3. You can process the first row of hot resin, which provides reliable vodootlalkivayuschy layer on the surface of wooden parts.
4. With modern construction technology wooden house (house) will stand for 100 years. But experience shows that during this period, replacing the first crown - strapping - is inevitable. Therefore, we must take care to be able to hot swap salary. Fixing the salary to the foundation should allow to replace the salary. One way tie fastening to the foundation - the use of metal brackets and screws for wood.
5. There are a number of technological operations during installation of the framework in which the holes in the walls are made directly during ukldaki rims. For example, the holes for the metal bumps - electricians drilled during installation and the first binding crowns log. They should also be antiseptic inside.
Монтаж гофры в обвязке для электрической сети6. When mounting the first defense of the crown sheet, we recommend not to close the end of the rod. Through it will be the evaporation of moisture, which for some reason got to pay.
8. Form tide of tin should provide water drainage on the outside of the salary (first crown). Profiled for this special "tooth" as shown in the photo.
9. Piping should be insulated from the foundation. For this binding fit for 2-3 layers of roofing material, roofing felts or other waterproof material.
10. And for those who believe in rituals and traditions remind you need a salary hide things for a few coins to the house had money and was wealth. According to popular dowry - a salary should not get splinters. Upon completion of laying the first wreath builders prepare a feast!Монтаж гофры в обвязке для электрической сети
For more details about the traditions and rituals described in the article Construction of houses from logs. Rituals and traditions

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