Decorative polyurethane finish "like wood"

Декор "под дерево" из полиуретанаLet us forgive fans wild frame and designer wooden chandeliers, but this article will talk about decorative trim "like wood" in a wooden house. That's right - the use of synthetic materials in the construction of log cabins from profiled timber or logs.
The reasons for such use decor can be several:

  1. cost of using handmade decor;
  2. absence from the market of wood for the manufacture of decor;
  3. urgency decorate the same type of standard elements;
  4. need to install huge appearance beams without very heavy beams that do not bear structural loads in the house;
  5. Use decor in places of high humidity, where the use of wood will unreasonably in terms of reliability, etc.


Балка з поліуретану. ДекорStucco polyurethane can also be used in the construction of log cabins. Here are some examples of this seemingly completely extraneous material in the construction of wood:
- Ceiling beams stylized aged tree;
- Cornices and sockets;
- Borders stylized carved wood;
- Apparently, it is necessary to use baseboards and moldings "under the tree" is connected with the need to hide the wiring, cable and secondary light source, since the wooden house - this is the hardest question.

What at first glance seems inconsistent - easily enforced creative designers.Балки з поліуретану. Декор інтерьєру
We have become accustomed to all sorts of paintings, cornices, moldings, medallions with white plaster and foam. But lately, designers are increasingly turning to products with polyurethane. In the wooden house can be easily applied without fear for the integration of design and design elements. This is due to the following properties of polyurethane as uniformity of texture and density of detail with wood inlay polyurethane crack over time, does not deform or change shape in the operation of the product does not emit odor, polyurethane - not support combustion, well painted different colors, not inclined the destruction of fungi and bugs and requires no special treatment for chemical protection against different pests.

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