The whole time. Build and repair correctly

Build and repair properly. PhotoThe whole time. Even for the very best designs and the best building materials comes time to replace them. It should be repaired should tint, have peen, preferably slightly corrected. So we all think with horror forward to this universal catastrophe called "repair". "Recondition - do not build" - you can do everything quickly - we quiet

ourselves. And only a true professional time repairing and building sets not in mood, and according to technology. That's right: no train tickets to sea must determine how long you will paint the ceiling, paint technology, which determined decorating materials, technological instructions and professional experience. Therefore, to build and repair should be correct - for all necessary time!

Often we are faced with the one hundred urgently needs to paint the walls, but paint correctly - need 2 or even 3 times. Choosing the good weather and go! It took 2 hours and our walls - dry and beautiful. Why wait? - Think you and Paint again. Fresh on well dried coating. Externally - all right, but the roots - absolutely not! Terms color determined not time drying water or solvent - the basic components of the blue, paints, mastics, varnishes. A more important indicator is the polymerization time impregnation, the full penetration of reagents and pigments in the capillaries of wood and plaster. This is not 2-3 hours This 12 hours or night! The same applies to assembly adhesives, for which there is a time and setting time of complete polymerization, in which the adhesive gets its final holding ability. All these terms should consider and plan complex refurbish.

Build and repair properly. Photo


We discover new secrets - all this information by microscopic text on the packaging and inserts the instructions to the building materials. But unless we are trained to read such things!?
Here then comes that rozsohsya glue, paint cracked and putty fell out of crevices. And we are always complaining about bad quality finishing materials.
Unfortunately and advertising on TV doing his disastrous affair. Watching as masters for 3-4 days turn apartments and houses in a fairy tale, no one thinks: whether on long enough this repair? How can I fill the floor, cover their laminate, plasterboard wall putty and paint them for 4-5 days? Any real expert says: no! If you offer to repair the Week - Beware of repairmen. There putty? - Minimum 3 weeks, is working with cement - a minimum of 4 weeks or month. Anything faster - a violation of technologies and as a result - poor quality repairs and wasted money thrown to the wind.
We are often faced with staining wood as manufacturers of wooden houses and sets of parts for self-assembly buildings. Many of our customers are painted home alone, and almost all ask whether it is possible to dilute the road paint in a ratio greater than the recommended 5-10%. Pursuit of cheapening and lack of knowledge pushes for such staining every third customer. But then we realize that two thick layers of paint total thickness of 20 microns - better than 5 layers of paint total thickness of 20 microns. A layer of paint right thickness layer provides strength and maximum number of connections polymers per unit thickness of the dye. From all know? These things are not written in the instructions. But they know the technology and professional repairers. Refer to them - and you do not have problems on repairs - everything is done on time and on time, and not as the heroes of the article: Errors building

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