Tips for developers. Heating the house.

Камін в деревяному будинку з брусу. Фото

Advices. Heating a house with a fireplace or stove bar.

You are about to build a house made ​​of wood. Take care of his alternative heating, even at the design stage.
1. Try to place the stove or fireplace heating at the geometric center of the house. This will perform thermal cabling channels in all rooms not only first, but the second floor without the use of long air ducts, with lower cost materials. This will make the process of heating area of ​​the building uniform.

2. When designing ventilation ducts, place them closer to the ceiling of the second floor - this will most effectively divert air saturated with moisture in the ventilation. When using radiators desirable to air before get into the ventilation outlets passed through the room heated.

3. Before installation of stoves or fireplace predicted laying on the floor first floor duct forced ventilation for fresh air in the house during the ignition oven or fireplace. Typically this is used for PVC pipe 110 mm diameter to drain. This will avoid dilution of indoor air and the combustion process to ensure sufficient oxygen from the street. This will not fly out the chimney with combustion air and the warm house. Supply of ventilation pipe for the fireplace should be as close to the zone of combustion of wood.

4. Use the wooden house only closed iron furnace with heat-resistant glass. It safely and economically! The effectiveness of the fireplace with an open furnace is 25-30%%, while the effectiveness of closed fireplaces reaches 80%. Thermal power closed furnaces medium price range varies from 12 to 20 kW.

5. Availability murovanoyi exhaust pipe from the heating furnace or fireplace on the second floor allows its use as a large thermal battery that will give warmth to the room a long time.

6. Place the furnace fire closer to the floor the first floor. This increases the recirculation of hot air

7. Split system air-conditioner does not look aesthetically pleasing on the wall of wooden house with a bar. Prefer traditional batteries hidden behind a wooden crate.

8. Take care of sound insulation. This cabling hot air in the chambers of fire should comply folgirovannoe Corrugated pipe filled with basalt wool. These pipes do not transmit sound between rooms unlike corrugated aluminum pipe.

9. In an open fireplace fence is 150 ... 200 cubic meters / hour of air in closed furnaces - only 40 ... 60 cubic meters / hour.

10. The main advice: When designing the heating system at home, contact professionals!



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